Friday, January 27, 2012

This is not a landscape

Above is the very beginning stages of one of my lastest pieces.
Most of my paintings start out this way and end up totally different than you would think.

Much like artist Magritte's famous paintings.
This piece below is called
Ceci n'est pas une pipe
Which translates into
This is not a pipe
He's trying to convey that this isn't actually a pipe, it's a painting of one.

Things aren't always what they appear, right?

If memory serves me right this is another one of his pieces. I'm too lazy to look up the title, but this is a piece about his mother whom I believe that he had either watched die or saw her drown or something of that nature.  I forget exactly...  but it was tragic.  Anyways, this is a representation of her.

What I'm getting to is not that I'm like Magritte by any means, but my paintings are usually representational and narrative and aren't what they appear to be.

My new piece at the top is a word project. I picked three words out of a hat that classmates of mine wrote down. I have to use two of those three words to make up a painting. 
My three words were 

I'll leave you with that and although this painting looks like one thing, I assure you it's not.
It might not be as representational, but it will be surreal and a play on words


Bob said...
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Bob said...

I love it as is. Nothing more, IMHO, is needed. Beautiful.

What are the dimensions of the canvas?

La Roo said...

Not staying that way.
Sorry to disappoint. Completely not me.
Would not do anything for me to keep it that way. Probably won't do anything for anybody else when I get done with it. But I'm at the point in my life where it isn't about that.
Thanks for liking the start of it, though.
20 x30 by the way and it's on masonite panel that hubby made.
Smoother and such a buttery surface to paint on.

Bob said...

La Roo said...

You nailed it.
Like Sammy sings, "I gotta be me".