Thursday, July 15, 2010

Does this look like somebody?

Painting by Mark Ryden.
I like this dude. Yes I know it's tiny. Just squint!
I would put up his sight but freakin blogger won't let me add a link.


The world according to Gaz said...

It does look like someone, just can't put my finger on

Gray said...

That is so damn adorable!:)

Luv said...

I found similarity. Red hair. Wheelchair. Pretty face. Have you been hiding the pink bunny under your dress?


Bob said...


La Roo said...

Gaz- Hmmm who could it be?

Gray- Too cool, huh? This guys other pieces are just too wonderful.

Luv- Why yes, yes I have.

Bob-I liked it. You don't find much art with someone in a wheelchair. If you do, the people are old or it's sending some serious overdone (I can do it) message.
This makes me happy to see.

Bob said...

I agree, Laroo. That's why I enjoyed this piece so much. There's a niche to be filled and if anyone can do it with paint, bush and canvas you can.

CarynSKA said...

Very cool painting.
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I found it useful.