Monday, July 12, 2010

Monkeys and Emus and Camels...Oh my!!

We went to a little zoo yesterday. Zoos aren't really my kind of thing, but hubby wanted to get some practice shots with his camera. It was a beautiful day and we just went and had a fun time.
We went and got deli sandwiches from our fave place and brought them for a little picnic at park in front of the zoo. We rode a frog, visited furry friends, ate cotton candy (which always looks better than it tastes) eew. And those crazy goats had some type of bondage gear hanging from their fence. I had to attempt to try in on.


Bob said...

Not to rain on this post, but I caught a piece on the manufacture of cotton candy the other day. 85%air. 5 tablespoons of sugar per wrap. Five. But ohhh so good.

And do you put hubby on the spot, as Wifey does to me, when she puts on her jeans? "How does my butt look in these? Looks okay, doesn't it? Or should I change?"

Loved the photos.

Luv said...

Nice outing. Good to relax and have some regular fun. I love going to the zoo. Animals and junk food. Not a care in the world. What not to like. I felt I was there, too. Thanks for sharing.


annalise said...

animal husbandry bondage gear. lol, hot. ^_^

La Roo said...

Bob-I had but only a few bites. It looks better than it tastes. Fluffy and pink should taste good right?
I used to be more worried about how my jeans look, but is what it is.

Luv-It was a nice outing. it was a way to let the mind go from the everyday grind. Monkeys picking there butts does that for a person. :)

Annalise-Too funny. Yeah when I first saw it, I told my hubby, "look the goats have a sex swing". :)

Bigger said...

I didnt know you visited my office. with all those monkeys and jack asses.

It looks like fun.

eva said...

I agree about the candy floss, it looks fun to eat as it doesn't actually look like it should be edible..

I'm glad you knew you could count on me for supporting the pink hair idea ;) I can't wait to see how it will look on you!