Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stuff I've been up to.

First is a picture of the cookies I made for the reception we had at our gallery Friday night. I also did cream cheese stuffed olives, but no picture. I don't know why I have this urge to make things like this. I have enough to do organizing these things and then I choose to make cookies and do dumb shit like this. Gawd forbid I just go buy a container of cookies from Costco or open a can of olives and pour them in a bowl!! Maybe next time....yeah right.

Second picture is me in front of the Kogi truck. It's a Korean taco truck that travels all over Southern California. Actually there are a whole bunch of specialty food trucks around here and we are on a quest to try each one of them. The food on this particular truck was really good. I had a short rib taco and a chicken taco. They are small street tacos with a bang of flavors that I can't even attempt to explain. These trucks are the rage around here and can be followed via Twitter or by websites. They tell where they are going to be and at what times. I am looking forward to the Buttermilk truck. They have Hawaiian bread french toast and red velvet buttermilk pancakes. Oh gawd.

Ok actually the first picture is of the food truck website that I can't seem to get to link on here. Damn it. It won't let me add a link. So I took a picture of the URL and Blogger will only put my pictures at the top of the page. It's all so jumbled!! You get the point.


Luv said...

Lucky gal La Roo has all these good food available. I love experimenting with different kind of food. Where I'm, adding gruyere to the burger is considered foreign and exotic. Enjoy and thanks for sharing. Wish I live there. How come LaRoo has all these great stuff? Food, sex, travel and God knows what else. I'm jealous.

Bob said...

I could eat a taco three times a day, seven days a week. Then there's the food taco. Same thing. I love 'em both.

Only grunt trucks in Cowtown give you the trots. When I'm stopped up that's where I head. It's a sure thing. Wish we had something better than what's here.

Hawaii has shrimp trucks and one guy we found selling what he called Solar Tacos. Now those were very tasty.

La Roo said...

Luv-Actually it's just been in the past several years that I've explored different foods more. Luv, where are you from?
Don't be jealous...just enjoy life.
Thanks for your kindnesss.

Bob-These trucks that I speak of are pretty gourmet. I will post more as we visit them. The ones you visited in Hawaii sound similair.
You could have one with gorgeous girls running it called Bob's Pink Taco Truck. People would be lined up for miles. :)

Bob said...

And I could have guest celebrity Taco girls who visit now and then. Wanna be one? :)