Monday, July 19, 2010

Trailer home design

I totally dig these. The red bathroom one is my fave. You just line these babies up and you have a whole designer trailer.....or "manufactured home" (as my brother would say).


Luv said...

I like the bathroom, too. The bathtub is missing though. You can park the half trailer in the parking lot. Do your usual bathroom stuff - taking a bath, brushing your teeth, peeing, etc. and everybody walking by can watch. You have to do all these naked. This could be art. Would you be the model?


Bob said...

Perfect for Burning Man. Are you going?

Bigger said...

Yes manufactured home is the correct term. no one wants to be a trailer salesman.

I vote for the stripes

annalise said...

cute stuff. i like the fluffy bed, tho the decor is a bit dull. pod bedroom, cozy ^_^ but, then the size would drive me bananas and i'd hafta blow the roof off. i guess then it would just a smoldering hull and the decor would be a moot point.

La Roo said...

Luv- they don't need a tub, they have a shower under the umbrella.
Very voyeuristic, huh? This could be an installation piece easliy.

Bob-It would be perfect for Burning Man. Not going this year. I would like to, but it's not in the cards. They would be a hit though.

Bigger-Stripes are pretty yummy, huh? I also like the fact they put a plastic potted plant in front of each of them.

annalise-The size doesn't bother me....actually I'd feel right at home. For you, just put the bed and other stuff outside and camp. Then you got the comfort and surroundings.

Bob said...

I will eventually rid myself of my huge 30 foot, 12,000 pound RV and buy something simple like what's shown here. What I own is a bear to haul around. Bigger, in some cases, is not better. I want a clean, mean, camping machine!

La Roo said...

Bob- Bigger(3rd one down) would probably disagree with that. :)
BTW I want to design your clean mean camping machine.

Bigger said...

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