Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rocket boy

This is going to be the background of my next painting. I needed retro wallpaper and I found this. How cool is that? I will paint it in black and white, instead of the bright colors. I'm excited about it. The piece is about 4 foot by about 18 inches wide. It will have a flamingo with tattoos on it's legs and bunny slippers. It will be standing next to a tall table with coffee and a donut.
Can't picture it, huh?


CarynSKA said...

Can't wait to see it! :o)

annalise said...

what kind of donut? jelly, choc glaze, powdered, sprinkles, o gawd, now i want a donut!

Bob said...

And the title of the painting will be (drum roll, please)......

Luv said...

Way too cool. Tattooed famingo in bunny slippers. Would the famingo be wearing anything? What would you think of next? Are you on acid? Wild.


Bigger said...


I would pay for a trip into your mind. It seems more interesting than mine.

You blow me away with your ideas

La Roo said...

Carynska - Me too!

annalise- I think chocolate glazed.

Bob- ????? Good question. "Still living at home"????nah. But in reference to.

Luv-I just let my mind go and think about things that would make me giggle. I entertain myself quite well. Can you imagine if I did acid? No drugs here. The extent of my drug use was smoking pot when I was younger. What a rebel.

Bigger-Thanks. I charge $100 an hour.
I ask myself a lot of what if's...............
What if:
Those ants had to carry that drumstick.
That pencil stood up and walked across the desk.
That cupcake had her frosting done at a beauty parlor.
That cup of coffee was like a jacuzzi.
If I'm really into it, I will go through the thought process of how would I paint that? But not only paint it, but make it believable.
It's taken a long time to just let myself go and be true to me and my imagination.

annalise said...

yay for choc glazed! i could lick the hole out! yum ^_^