Friday, April 12, 2013

Tah Dah.

It's done. (I'm guessing around 85 hours put into it) It's submitted.
It's going up for silent auction. 
%50 goes to the cause and %50 goes to me.
Min. bid I started way lower than my normal pricing to get interest.
Who knows how it will go? It might not even sell. It's always up in the air with things like this. 
Show doesn't open until May. 
Its been on FB getting lots of love. It's been chosen by our local paper to promote the show.
It will be in print and on the racks this next Monday.
It's already gotten good response.
It feels good.

On to thinking about my next piece. I'm not going to bore you with the steps of that one though. I'm entering my colleges student show in the next week with some recent paintings and painting towards upcoming shows in June and in October. Hopefully I will find some others that I want to be involved in also. 


Bob said...

Another masterpiece!! Congrats on another job well done...

Anonymous said...

You have wonderful talent!

La Roo said...

Thank you both very much. So sweet of you!

GayPornCum said...

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