Friday, March 29, 2013

Marriage Equality Painting Day 12

Added some scenery to the windows and I'm kinda just medium about it. It will probably get changed. I taped a couple on top to show what it will look like. they will be smaller though. This whole process is just trying things and sometimes liking it and other times not. The beauty of oils is that you can always paint over it.
It's getting closer though to what I want out of it.

I've been wanting to share some feelings and for the longest while now. 
I can't get the gumption ( i guess the word is) to put them down. I don't know if I'm ignoring them or just cant make sense or afraid to write. I need to settle myself and get back to letting it flow. It's just not coming very naturally. That's why I bore you with these day to day updates on my painting.


marquisdgore said...

Your frustration is probably being caused by the fact that the perspective is off. As best I can determine, this is a single point perspective view, but you're painting it with multiple vanishing points along the vertical axis and it's throwing you off.

2, maybe 3 years ago when you were painting the whirly bird on a swing going around a pole and having trouble, I pointed out that you were messing up the single point perspective of that painting and I sent you a digital copy of Gibby's Perspective Grids.

It looks like you either didn't get them or didn't understand about painting perspectives. You should've been taught something about that in your painting classes.

It will continue to frustrate you until you correct this. Everything above the metal handholes of the seats (within) the bus is correctly lined up. The sitting part of the seats are lined up wrong, and the road out the back would not be seen from this viewing angle.

marquisdgore said...

Forget what I just said.

I took this shot into photoshop, thinking to check and show you where it was off and your sight lines are correct within the bus. I just couldn't correctly interpret what I was seeing until I did that.

Now chewing on my foot. :)

Roll on LaRoo.

La Roo said...

Marquisdgore- I just told my husband you had mentioned this and I thought it probably did need changed and I was in the process of mixing painting to redo. Saw second comment right before I started to lay down some paint. Glad I didn't paint over it! Whew! i'm on a time crunch and didn't really want to but wanted to make sure I was on the right track.
Thanks for coming back chewing on your foot. LOL
I appreciate it.
I'm going to post day 13 Yesterdays session after I post this.

Anonymous said...

It may be gumption, boldness, etc, but in many ways thinking about sharing the feelings is more daunting than actually doing it. In any case, getting things written down can be a healing experience.

La Roo said...

Blindhound-I think I will start writing more when I finish this particular painting. It takes up a lot of time and any creative or thoughtful energy is going to it right now.
But you are right. :)