Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vroom Vroom little car

I don't know what kind of car it is. I ran across it via the web and stole the pic to share with ya'll.
All I know is that it is the cutest, coolest, frickin car in the world and I need it.  Can you dig this....shit!
At the beach, our little downtown.........or...............Burning Man.  To drive this, you would need to be wearing plaid burmudas and a halter top (for girls) and scarfs a flowing, straw hats and a lemonade. Or just go naked have a margarita and do it right. Can I take this to Cancun? Will it fit in my luggage?
If anybody knows what kind of car this is, let me know.  You can then be one of the firsts to drive naked with me when I get one.


Innocent said...

It's a Fiat 500 with the roof cut off. Once everywhere in Italy, but now cleared by more 'green' superminis.

marquisdgore said...

You really want to get out onto the 5 Freeway with that? It's cute and all that, but I'd think it would be more of a beach car once you moved to an island somewhere.

Kauai would be perfect.