Saturday, April 7, 2012

Green Eggs

These are our little Easter gifts we have given to a select few people.

These monster avocados are from the tree next door. We had befriended this sweet older man when we moved in and he was like a grandfather to us. He died when he was 99 years old. The family asked after he died if there was anything of his that we would like? There was a funny little figurine with the head glued to its cradled hands instead of on the neck and Hubby kiddingly said the avocado tree. They gave us the figurine and told us the tree was ours. The mans great grandchild and her husband bought the house and they just give us free range to the tree. They don't care about it and never pick it and are always saying pick whatever you want. They are Forte avocados and they are delish.

We wanted to share these yummy fruits with some friends and family. Hubby had them ready to go in plastic grocery bags. I told him I wish we had a cool thing to bring them in. I was thinking like a gift basket or something. He went outside and whipped out these little crates on the saw like it was nothing. Way better than gift baskets (what was I thinking)?  I just thought they were so cool.  I had to share of course.

I Elmer glued and chenille chick on and we used a tiny nail to affix this little note.

They have been a hit and it was really fun giving them saying the Easter Bunny brought you green eggs.

We kind of did different Easter this year, which is usually held at our house. We spent it today (Sat) at a friend of the families, doing the potluck egg hunt thing. It was nice. I don't think I couldve handled having it here at our house this year...............I will miss my mom and her being the first to show up with carrot cake in hand and little Easter goodies for us all.
Tomorrow (Easter) will be just a nice day with hubby and I doing some preparations for our bedroom renovation and friends coming over in the afternoon to help me with some decision making for bedroom colors and ideas (yep I must consult my fellow art people). We might possibly be staining a nightstand. If tomorrow is anything like today it will be beautiful. It was 82 degrees and so pretty. So, just let tomorrow be peaceful and a time to get things done.


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, how I wish I lived closer! I adore avocados! Your hubby is awfully handy, I see. Those crates are awesome. How sweet of you guys to share the wealth.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

La Roo said...

I emailed you chickypoo Chi Town Girl.

blindhound said...

If your select few friends are anything like me, guacamole is infinitely superior to egg salad the week after Easter