Saturday, November 19, 2011

Frozen banana

It looked a lot better than it tasted.
I actually took it back. It was freezer burnt.


Bob said...

I see a pattern here. .. . couple of days ago it was hubby's unit. Yesterday it was a long, black deal. What's next? :)

Anonymous said...

Far more adventurous then I have been. Never one that long. :)

La Roo said...

Subliminal messaging. Just kidding. I was just eating a frozen chocolate banana....geez. Gret your mind out of the gutter. :)
There is way to much teeth going on there to be sexual, right?

Bob said...

Was it Freud who said that anything longer than its width is phallic?

Unless I'm with a toothless broad, teeth always come with lip service.

Anonymous said...

I've never been jealous of a banana before. That's it. ;-) lol