Thursday, November 17, 2011

Girl with a gun.

Sleepwalking with Scarecrows ~ Pamela Wilson

I think I've shared this artist with you before.
Well I'm doing it again because she's the bomb.
She's one of my faves.
Yes, that is a painting, not a photograph......Oil.
Wow, huh?

I love her dark subject matter and rich use of color and lighting.
It just does it for me.


CarynSKA said...

If you like dark and kind creepy art you should check out Joshua Hoffine. He's a horror photographer, and his work is super creepy.

willadean said...

wow--- stunning

Bob said...

I'd love to write a short story around this painting.

La Roo said...

CarynSKA- His work is a little on the scary side for me. I tend to lean toward "odd" not gory. Thanks for sharing though.

Willadean- I know, huh?

Bob- Go for it! I want to read it.