Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Thanksgiving

This year hubby and I are having our first Thanksgiving at our house. This is basically due to the fact of mom being in the hospital/rehab because of her knee being replaced. We want to stay close, So the rest of the family will do their own thing and Hubby, sis, a couple of friends and myself will have it here at our house. Afterwards we will venture on to visit mom.
Who by the way is doing great.
I've been at the hospital about 4-5 hours a day for the last week, trading off with my sis. I'm sure glad we have been there because there have been several issues with nurses not communicating and not really keeping up their charts with my mom. Wrong drugs were almost given and the CPM (leg bending machine) not being put on properly and forgotten to be taken off and put on. I have had to really be her advocate and worry when I'm not there. The hospital stay was 5 days with impeccable care. She was moved upstairs to a rehab/skilled nursing and it's not so great. Tolerable, but so so great. I have had to just call them out on some things without being to bitchy....they are taking care of my mother, you know.

We normally don't have Thanksgiving because we live in a matchbox. So the warmer holidays and birthdays are ours because we can be either inside or out.

So this Turkey Day thing is kind of a big thing. Actually for the past several years Hubby has been brinning the bird and rotisseries it on the bar-b -q. Then we usually take it to whom evers house accompanied by a side dish or so.

This year basically the brunt of the bird is on us and that's going to be a whole new ball game.  Sis is bringing the yams and pumpkin pie (from costco) yum. A homemade pie would be better but it's not in the cards this year.
I think I've only made mashed potatoes one other time and I can't even remember if I liked them. Probably not, if they weren't memorable. You have to have a certain knack for those potatoes. I do make more complicated things but simple things like potatoes sometimes need that special touch that I don't think I have.

If you have any secret  or not secret mashed or whipped potato recipes please share.


Mr Upton Ogood said...

Mashed potatoes are pretty much an easy deal. Peal and cube. place in pot of water (rinse 'til the water is clear..not cloudy). Salt the water (couple of shakes). cover and bring to boil on high heat, then reduce to medium heat and boil/simmer(uncovered) for @ 10 minutes 'til "fork tender". Pour off the water using pot lid to retain the spuds 'till all you have is the spuds. Using a ricer, mash crudely. toss in lots of salt and pepper, butter. continue to mash for a minute or two chasing down lumps. add in milk or half&half and whip, using your ricer. add additional milk to "loosen/lighten" texture 'til you're happy with the result. Easy peasy.

Sweet potatoes are even easier. Cut ends off. place in oven on aluminum foil and bake @350-400 for @ 1-1.5 hr. Slice open, scoop out the "meat". Mash with Tsp/potato. Should be creamy smooth. Done.

You're welcome...and you're on your own for the rest ;-)



Mr Upton Ogood said...

ok...on the sweet potato thingy..it should have read "mash with TBLsp butter/potato" and you can use a fork to mash with.

Quad erat demonstrandum


La Roo said...

M U O- Wow! Thanks. Youve done this before, I get.
I will set the computer on the dining table tomorrow and follow your directions on mashed potatoes. Don't have a masher but do have a hand mixer which I've heard works well also. You are so sweet writing it all out for me. I appreciate it. I'll try to take a picture if I remember of them and report how I did.
Happy Thanksgiving! (If you're in the USA)
If not, just have a happy day.

weeder said...

Upton's recipe is good. Make sure you use fresh potatoes, not some that have been sitting around in your cupboard for a few months. The secret is to not skimp on the butter or the milk. Break them up with a fork and whip the hell out of them with the hand mixer. You don't want them to be to runny (too much milk) but you don't want them lumpy either.

willadean said...

i agree with Upton and weeder completely. A secret ingredient i add into mine is sour cream..... i put it in while i'm doing the main mashing with the butter at the beginning, then when you whip with the mixer you won't accidentally make them too runny. just an idea :) gives it a little extra creamy yummy flavor :) (i use fat free)

Bob said...

Instead of milk use buttermilk, about a 1/4 cup parmesan cheese, a cube of butter, salt, pepper. .. sometimes I thrown in a bundle of uncooked spinach before I mash the potatoes ... cover and let sit for 5 - 10 minutes, then mash and blend in the other stuff. Don't over beat the mixture. .. too much hand mixer time makes for mashed potatoes with horrible consistency. Being Irish, I know my spuds, buds. :)

Good luck today with your meal.

BTW: weather on the Oregon coast is better today. No rain. Not a lot of wind. Lots of walks on the beach. Monkey sex. Walk the dogs. Football. Macy's parade. Dominos. Checkers. A couple games of Carnival. Wow. Having fun. Wish you were here!

La Roo said...

Thanks Mr Upton ogood, Weeder Willa and Bob!

I did it! and they actually turned out great, thanks to all of your help. I used fresh red potatoes and peeled and boiled them up. I didn't have a masher so I used a pastry cuter thingy and then went to the hand mixer. I added little bit of milk and about half a stick of butter. Mixed that up and towards the end through in some sour cream (thanks Willa) and salt and pepper.
Bob I had already made them before i got your comment. Next time I will try it your way.

Everything went well and we just had a real nice day.

Thanks everyone for your help. It's much appreciated.
I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

You guys are killing me. I think I've gained 5 pounds just reading the comments.


*I gotta get my fat ass down to 225lb by May for Streak the Cove.