Friday, October 14, 2011

A Date, who knew?

It's not set in stone but we are probably going on our first dinner date we've had in the lifestyle. They live about an hour from us they are a little older than us and seem to be nice looking. They found us via the lifestyle website. We were supposed to go next weekend sometime because of both couples having busy schedules. Last night they emailed us wondering if we could do a last minute change and maybe this weekend? We said sure and suggested a restaurant kind of in the middle of where we both live.

I have to admit like anything else that is new, I feel a bit nervous. How do you act? What do you wear? How much do I flirt? What if we aren't feeling it? What if they aren't feeling it? Is the wheelchair going to be awkward to them? Do we make moves first or do they? Do we do something after dinner?

There is an excitement of the unknown and I know you just can't plan things out. I guess the best bet is just be myself (which sometimes scares me). I'm not as forward sometimes when it comes down to it, even if I want to be. Hopefully someone will help me over that hump (so to speak) when and if we get there.


Bob said...

Look at it this way, it's only dinner with new friends. That's it. Nothing more. You eat. You talk. You leave. If there's "chemistry" there will be another dinner date likely served up with a spicy dessert. Think of this of like dating. . . . hosing on the first date rarely happens. . . maybe a first base or second. ... relax, be yourself. . .you'll be just fine.

La Roo said...

did'nt happen they flaked.

Bob said...

Sorry to hear that. What idiots. .. but then, better now than to flake later.

La Roo said...

I guess it wasn't a total flake.........I just was frustrated last night.
It started out that the wife had to work later than thought , so could we just meet for drinks later?...sure.
Then it was she probably would be beat after her day, would we want to come over? They had asked if that was wrong or not for the first meet, they said they didn't know? We said we are going to dinner ( I did dress up and still wanted to go out). We told them we'd call them after dinner to see where they were at and then we'd decide if we would travel down their way. So we had a nice dinner at a Cuban restaurant and called them after and he said the wife still wasn't home. Who knows??? He said, we still would like to get together with you guys sometime.
It's just irritating because they are the ones who contacted us asking if we could get together Friday or Saturday. I know shit comes up......but ..........
I guess I was just excited to go and kind of geared up all day to do this and got all dressed up and it was kind of a let down.
There was no let down in the sex we had last night though. :)

The world according to Gaz said...

That is a bummer for you both but fingers crossed another date can be organised.