Thursday, October 13, 2011

One Hundred and frickin five

I'm going to sound like my grandparents when they were alive and my mom giving the weather report but............................
It was 105 here yesterday and it's supposed to be 97 today.
We haven't had those temps all Summer and now that it's Fall we are going to heat up. Whatever!

So my grandpa used to have thermometers at different locations in his house and one outside in the front and one in the back. When we were there visiting when I was a child I would remember him always checking them then reporting to us that it was 86 in the front yard and 87 in the back or 72 in the kitchen.
Oh my! Really? And my mom calls me every morning and gives me the weather report before we start chatting. I live a mile from her. She'll tell me that it's sunny or foggy or chilly or whatever. LOL
This is the start of it, isn't it? I'm becoming aware of weather ...oh no!

I didn't really notice most of the heat because I've been spending most of my time at the hospital with my sister who had her knee replaced. That's also why I haven't been up to speed with my blogging.

For those of you who care. She is doing good. It's a little more difficult because she has Muscular Dystrophy like me, plus Rheumatiod Arthritis. Actually she walked the next day after surgery down the hall a bit, which was amazing. She's been having more issues with her groin and shoulder. Her groin pain is because of the tourniquet and manipulation they do during the operation and her shoulder because of pulling herself up in bed has flared her arthritis. Ironically, the knee doesn't hurt that bad. Go figure?

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