Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm beside myself

As an artist I have to realize everyone has not been schooled to have an appreciation for art. The general population does not understand beyond frickin Thomas Kinkade and fuzzy kitties and your typical landscape.

I think I've said this time after time and I'm saying it again. Art is supposed to make you feel. That feeling might be happy or sad or mad or serene or laugh .....whatever. Art is supposed to speak to you and not just match your couch.

That said, today I picked up my piece from the fair. It's been showing in the fine arts building for about a month. I've shown here for the past several years and it's a good place to sell and just get your name out there. 40,000 people a day go to the fair an as artist you just want your work to be seen.
I'm excited to say that this year I won second place and the judges choice award in the professional division. I never imagined I would ever win anything like this and I'm really honored.
(yay! See it in the left hand corner)

 I'm getting to it........Each year after the fair you are sometimes given and envelope that has "interests cards" in it. Meaning people that are interested in buying your painting give their info and at the end of the fair you contact them and see if they still would like to buy your piece. In past years I have sold some pieces, but this year in my "interest card" envelope was this........

(This is the piece in mention)

This painting has been quite a conversation piece. Basically that is why I chose to paint it. I wanted to make people think. I don't find it disturbing or offensive, basically because it's me. I've come a long way in my life to be comfortable just being me and this is a celebration of that. 

I'm contemplating a response email and as you can imagine hubby and I have hashed it around and we have some funny shit we could write if we choose to. 

One of those days, sheeeesh.


Bob said...

Art should be and always has been controversial, unless your name is Thomas Kincaide or Grandma Moses.

Historically, think those who dared to sculpt or sketch the naked human body and then display their work. There were plenty of folks back then that did not approve of what they saw. As an artist, that you stirred human emotion and got some to thinking means you've done your job.

And after all, panties pulled down is offensive . .. give me a break. It's a common act captured on canvas.

Three things:

#1 Don't get in a pissing contest with this idiot. Take the high ground.

#2 Consider the source. There are idiots like this all over the planet who love being critical and sharing just that. The pre school kid probably had no clue in regards to your painting OR, even looked at it. This is all about whoever wrote the note and their hang-ups.

#3. For those visiting any art exhibition: IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT (of what's exhibited) SHUT UP AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE GALLERY!!!

weeder said...

I don't understand the complainant's point of view. Everyone wears underwear, and we all pull it down once in a while, whether to change clothes, to bathe, to answer the call of nature or to have sex. What's the big deal here?

While I agree with Bob that good art is often controversial, I don't see the controversy here. It's still very good though.

Yes, it's at the fair, but it's at a fine art gallery. This is fine art. Would you go to the Louvre and complain that they displayed nude paintings from Titian, Rubens, Caravaggio or Manet? No, of course not. She would be laughed at if she did so.

This painting doesn't even display genitalia or breasts. How conservative has society become if we now consider a pair of undergarments or a bare thigh as offensive.

I would bet that this lady is either a) a prude, b) a fundamentalist christian, or c) both. I'm just glad she's not a preschool teacher to my children.

Anonymous said...

At least your artwork did not go unnoticed. I wonder how many found the woman's bare breast offensive in Michelangelo's day?

La Roo said...

Bob- I should expect the ridicule. Hell look where I live an where I put it. It just always amazes me how close minded people are.

weeder-It's so typical of people to say things they have no clue about. She says it's offensive and to me she is offensive by talking and having no clue about art or the thought processes and technique put into a piece like this.
You are right on with A B annd C!

Jim - You're right about it being noticed and that's what I wanted. I guess good or bad....it was attention. Sometimes that gets you farther than just being lost in the mix.

Calfy said...

"As a preschool teacher I find it offensive"
Did this teacher deliberate long and hard about which job would afford them the biggest scope for being offended? Is it professionally offensive? I'm really confused about the preschool bit. I hope to be a preschool teacher myself, but not to make my art criticism any more effective.