Monday, August 22, 2011

Roller Derby

The Terminal Island Tootsies (the TIT's) vs. The Bixby Rollerette
Very funny because the crowds were cheering, "Go Tit's or yeaaaah Tits".
A friends four year old was with us and it was frickin hilarious when she started to chant along.
She had no clue as to what it was referencing.    "Go Tits!" she yelled with everyone else.
Then to top it off she picked up one of the signs that someone was waving during the derby and proceeded to carry it to the car.
We teased that her dad he was going to put it on the refrigerator as a proud moment.
Please note that the gals in roller derby have funny names such as:
Ida Capatate
Sweet and Low Blow
Gory Spelling
Smashley Simpson
Syphilis Diller
I highly recommend checking to see if you have roller derby in your area and experience it at least once,
if not for anything but the people watching.

On a side note: yes I did climb my ass up those bleachers and left my chair underneath at the bottom.
Totally against my safety rules of being close to my wheelchair in case something happens.
Plus worried if people were spilling beer and popcorn and all kinds of who knows what on it.
It was fine and nothing ended up on it but still no smart being that far away from it.

On another side not: In years past I wouldn't have been able to truck my butt up there, so there is a definte positive.
It's al the practice go to the club upstairs at Desire, I know it.   :)


ChiTown Girl said...

I could totally see you as a roller derby chick!

I used to LOVE to watch the roller derby on Saturday nights when I was kid. Thanks for making me remember that :)

IB138 said...

I have a friend who plays on a team out of Tampa.


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