Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stirring the cultural senses

I am a Cirque Du Soleil lover as is my mom and hubby.
Saturday afternoon we took my mom to the new show at the Kodak theater in LA. (We got her tickets for her birthday) It just opened about 3 weeks ago, and it was absolutely fabulous. I haven't been disappointed yet at one of there productions. 

We have seen :
                               Zumanity (the sexual cirque)

Iris had to do with the journey through cinema.
Check out the site and the little promo video that pops up just for shits and giggles.

On a side note:
After a big hassle of purchasing the tickets a few weeks ago, we get to the theater and seated in the handicapped section which I had requested 3 seats. 
Well we were sat down and there were only 2 close together and the third was attached to another row of seats about 10 feet away.  They weren't the cheap seat section and the view was ok, but this isn't what I requested.
I asked nicely if I could talk to someone in charge and they kindly did so.
I told them of my ordeal trying to get the seats and now look at how we are seated and that I didn't think it was right.
The nice lady in charge said," we have some down stairs that she could put us in if we were willing to move". I asked her if they had a good view and she replied,
"honey they are $200 seats, yes".
We got our happy little butts up and took the elevator down a level and were put in some great seats.
So it does pay off to suck up your pride sometimes and speak up a bit.

It was a great day!

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CarynSKA said...

I love cirque du soleil. My dad took me to go see La Nouba, which is the special show they do in Orlando for Disney.
Seeing it live was amazing, but my mom was sick and couldn't come, so we got her the DVD. She watched it and liked it.
A few years later when my grandfather was sick, I used to bring the DVD to watch with him whenever I visited. He wasn't allowed to watch much television, because he sometimes got confused about what was real and what was not, but he loved to watch the crazy acrobatics and dancing with me.