Sunday, July 10, 2011

Facts and choices in life

We went and saw this flick this afternoon and I think it's a keeper.  I'm sure isn't going to be this years epic film but if you get a chance to find a local cinema or have a chance to rent it, please do so. It's a sweet moving movie, that really emphasizes the fact of being true to yourself. Something I've been working on for quite sometime now. So, maybe it hits home a little.

Monday Morning- I'm revisiting what I wrote yesterday and it wasn't as fluffy as I made it sound. For me it wasn't at least. It was a sweet movie, but hit some definite wounds in my soul that deal with death and some other issues I've dealt with in my life. After so many years I kind of got sick of dealing and facing these things and tried to put them off to the side. I needed to feel free and a bit selfish. They fact of what has happened and what is going to happen slaps me upside the head once again. It's such a raw issue for me and one that will never go away. I really try to live my life happy and positive and be true to myself and this underlying fear and sadness always looms over me. I've looked at it on all different levels and talked about it until I was blue and I just don't want to anymore. But this is probably what makes me Oh joy.
Just had to get it out there.


Bob said...

It was just the other day that I was saying to the wife, "I think I'm going to come out of the closet". To which she replied, "Out of the closet, you were never in the fucking closet!"

Ain't love grand?

La Roo said...

That was just because you couldn't find your tennis shoe....silly.