Monday, May 2, 2011

Hunk of burning love.

We went to two weddings this weekend in Vegas. One at Ceasar's Palace, one at a little chapel and they were married by Elvis.

The only thing that made either one of them tolerable was that Elvis had a big camel toe or moose knuckle (man version) and we laughed so hard I was crying. The little chapel was in stitches laughing at his immitation (which wasn't to bad). His movements and buldge.... Oh good gawd, it was halarious.
Did you know Elvis drives a Kia? (just a tidbit of trivia)

Also, did you know that you can't take pictures at any of the chapels or weddings in Vegas? They tell you no photography and if you try they will block you and tell you to put the camera down. They want the only pictures so you have to pay for them. So wrong,but they get away with it. And yes, we did see someone get blocked when they tried to take a picture.
(the bride and groom have to sign papers that there will be no photography unless by phiotographers provided).

We left Friday and came home Saturday. What a whirlwind tour!


Bob said...

Yes, I know this rule. At Great America or Six (or Seven) Flags photos are also taken of people riding certain rides then offered to them when it's time to get off of the ride.

It's the same deal in Vegas chapels and in their hotels. Ahh haa! Didn't know about hotels, did ya? Yup. Those sneaky devils take pictures via a camera in the ceiling above the bed and then offer them for sale when you check out. How did your photos turn out?

Any photos unclaimed are sent to the mother of each guest with the heading: HI MOM!!! ARE WE MAKING YOU PROUD?!!

La Roo said...

We probably weren't given the option for pictures because they just saw us sleeping.
Left home 9:30am Friday,
got there (Henderson where we we staying) at 2:30,
got dressed for the wedding, drove into Vegas at 4:30, back to the hotel at 12:30, fell asleep,
got up at 9:00am, left for next wedding 10:30am,
Elvis wedding at noon, went to Buffet at Treasure Island, went lingere shopping, headed home around 3:30pm Saturday.
I did drive with my top down most of the way home . Nobody really notices. Its a crack up. Hubby does slow down for truckers who get a good view. Always a smile and a couple gave honks.