Monday, May 2, 2011

Rolling in heels

Just a couple years or so ago I decided that I'm going to wear high heels. I've never been able to wear them because I can't walk in them. When I figured out...why the hell not, I'm sitting 98% of the time?? I'm going to give it a try.

My criteria for high heels is the heel can't be super spikey because they will fall through the foot plate of my wheelchair. Also they can't have a strap because they have to be easy to just slip off quickly in case I need to stand at a moments notice. Another requirement is that they can't have too much of a slope (or too high) because my toes have been fused and can't bend very much.

All that said, here is the issue I ran into this weekend. I had to be a little innovative/ crazy (which comes pretty easy for me) Most people wouldn't go this far for vanity, but I guess I would.
Being at weddings and receptions in casinos for many hours at a time this past weekend made my camel like abilities nearly impossible.

I had to come up with something because guess what? You have to stand up to sit down to potty. In order for me to stand up I have to take my shoes (high heels) off. Okay, I'm not walking or standing on the floor of a public restroom in my bare feet. EEEEwwww.

So I came up with two things. The first being a washcloth I took from the hotel and a paper placemat from a restaurant placesetting. I could use them to put on the ground in front of me to step on and them I could take my shoes off in front of the toilet.
I guess we could call this survival of the fittest or just down right cheesy, but sometimes you do what you gotta do.

Why am I writing about my bathroom issues. Well it's not just bathroom issues, it's the battle of being as feminine as I can. It doesn't come easy as it sometimes appears. I just want people to know we all have things that we must adjust, to get out of life what we want. Even if it is as stupid as putting a piece of paper on a bathroom floor to stand on.


L0nestar5 said...

There's always a moist towelette as another option. Only downside is moist toes afterwards.

La Roo said...

L0nestar5-I just don't want my feet touching that kind of floor. Ya know?

weeder said...

I think you're very feminine as you are, and quite sexy too. The shoes may help you feel more feminine, but they're just enhancing what you already have, and exude, if you know what I mean.

L0nestar5 said...

I don't blame you.
Only thing that might be worse is the floor of an old movie theatre. Especially if a pron house.
Was just spitballing.