Saturday, April 30, 2011


No explanation needed, right?


Anonymous said...

Knowing some of your blog information, no explanation needed :)

Luv said...

Taken from behind. I luv this position. Nice tush. Is the plug involved? Tried real anal with hubby yet or is it still to come? Pardon my punt.


wheelchairdude25 said...

Nice spankable bottom, don't think I could resist swatting such a nice target either.

La Roo said...

Jim- I was bad. :) and it was so good.

Luv- No plug. I have had real anal several times with him, but it hasn't become one of our main stays.This was purely a good spanking and doggy style.

Wheelchairdude25- Thanks. Welcome to my blog. I do like a good spank to get me going.