Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One track mind

I want to be tied naked to a railroad track for a photo shoot. Abandoned tracks of course.
Blindfolded with a bandana, and a lollipop sticking out of my pussy. Red one with a bow on the stick.
Black and white pic with the lollipop still red.
Maybe someone should be licking it????


annalise said...

lol. i like railroad tracks in theory. i think if i was in that situation, the lollipop would pop outta me in fits of giggles. would u be laying with or across the track. i realize the focus is on the red sucker in ur pussy, but, sometimes i get all logistical. tho i love a fuck with the power of a freight train behind it. would ur toenails be red too? those could be licked too. that's always very nice, would take my mind off the rock poking me. btw i love the track pic. love me some tracks.

Bigger said...

I can see this in my head. but like annalise said your toes and your lips need to be painted red. along with the red sucker. Then again with only the sucker being red it draws attention to one area. inwhich I assume you are concentrating on.

marquisdgore said...

Looks like hubby has some researching to do to find those tracks.

Don't forget a foam pad. Gravel and splintery old railroad ties can be hell on your back. Or knees?

What about a night shot with a spotlight down the tracks representing an oncoming train, the light accentuating your bound curves?

Several variations come to mind, all of them appropriately nasty.:)

Roll with it lady, I can hardly wait

Bob said...

Nice idea. A video as well as photos would be cute! You would need to be singing a special song while lying on the tracks. Here's just the one:

annalise said...

yikes! marquisdgore! ur description brought back memories of a less than friendly picnic table. but then the immediate recall of strokes on the cool putting green on the 18 hole of a swanky country club on a warm night settled me down nicely. some pain i like! some pain, yikes!

and bigger, yes! lol, never forget the toes and lips, i do see la roo's point tho. but the toes la roo. awww, my toes when sucked makes my rosy pucker wink ;) what about u laroo?

annalise said...

lol, "sweeter than candy on a stick" rhymes with dick ^_^ did anyone listen to the lyrics back then? must be me and my sexual appetites.

La Roo said...

annalise, Bigger, Marquisdgore,Bob and more annalise- :)

Not much for toe licking, just not my thing. I too love a fuck with the power of a freight train. :)
I wouldn't do my lips and toes red because it's not about them. It is about the red sucker representing a reflector of sorts, a stop sign, a little beacon saying over here. I would like to get a picture at dusk for the long shadows and the warm glow. I don't see this happening anytime soon, but hopefully in the next couple weeks. Blankets or towels are a good thing to bring I'm sure. Good thought.
I can't sing. But love that song!!! Good thought though. :) I didn't realize they were singing about a guy. That's awesome!!!
Picnic table sounds like fun, but a bit prickley. Goal is to find a metal one or plastic one, huh?

Anonymous said...

OMG La Roo, can I please do this photo shoot with you? Love the idea, LOVE railroad tracks, love taking photos and love YOU!