Friday, September 3, 2010

I might need restraint

We might go this weekend to the retail store. What would you buy? Is that your thing?
I have a couple thoughts.


Bigger said...

I looked at there website and I want a oral simalation toy for men. Just to see. You know some times the wife has a headache. Or so she says. I also might would try the flesh light. They look cool. For the wife I would buy some rabbit style toy.

annalise said...

i love stockroom! have never been to their retail outlet, if u can go, GO! really nice stuff, quality, lovely toys and accessories. so much fun to be had!!!!!

annalise said...

but, a note on restraints. i love silk ties. red silk ties. especially when he takes it off his neck, carrying his scent and intention, when he has that look in his eye, when he means business. less bruising and marks too, silk. but, then i love serious as fuck restraints that scare the fuck outta me too. leather, metal cuffs, rope from the farmers co-op, the farmer's co-op is very diverse ^_^

great, i have lots to do today and this stuff is never far from my mind, and now i'm fixated on it. look what u have done missy. i hope U get what's cumming to u, lol ;P

marquisdgore said...

Wool lined leather cuffs for wrists and ankles. You don't need a choker, or any serious chain from there. Lowe's or Home Depot sell the same lightweight chain used in dog leashes by the yard at much better prices than the Stockroom or any adult store. Rope is a whole different matter. At the Stockroom, look for rope made by Twisted Monk; fine quality authentic hemp rope, not cheap cotton or nylon in various colors. Unless, of course, you prefer those.

If you're going to do it, do it right.

Starting to feel excited for you and your gradual unleashing of inhibitions and fantasies, but beware of overindulgence. A little kinky goes a long way.

Nobody wants you to get hurt.

Luv said...

Go for it, girl. I know what I like. But they might not be what you like. So just do what you want to do. Is hubby part of it or it is just your thing?


Bob said...

Do they sell railroad tracks?

La Roo said...

We went to the Stockroom and it was nice. We were greeted by a tall slender cop dressed in a latex suit, hat and all. It's very much geared to high end wares for the homosexual community.
It's really quite pricey for people who are not full fledged in the bondage lifestyle. There was some beautifully made leather items and great latex dresses.
We just looked around and took in all the fun atmosphere.
After we left there we drove down Hollywood Blvd., which is always good for people watching and site seeing. We ended up at Hustler Hollywood. It's a pretty great sex shop. Clean, friendly and full of all kinds of goodies. We bought me the coolest cincher. A cincher is a corset minus the place for the boobs. For coverage of the nipple area we bought heart shape pasties with tassles. The cincher is leather and has red ribbon bows and a leather g-string. It cost about a third of what one would cost at the Stockroom.
We had a fun evening and I will wear the cincher at one of the theme nights at Desire. "Leather in the Tropics". (i will wear it before then....)
We didn't buy any restraints. Just didn't seem the time, plus we already have soft cuffs and straps that tie to the bed posts. Nothing hit us at the moment in that field.