Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am touched

I got a touching letter from a couple whom we met in Cancun. They bought one of my paintings. The husband wrote me telling me of a recent death in their family and the things life has brought them. I have a piece that they both like and it pertains to celebrating life. I think I might have shared it here on my blog. It was a cupcake tree. Anyways, he wants me to paint a piece to give to his wife. One she might find solice in and reflect upon. I thought this was ever so sweet and it was quite an honor for him to come to me with that in mind. I have written back with an idea that came very emotionally to me of all places in the shower. I will share when he gives an actual stamp of approval or if he does???
They are very lovely people and this is one of those times as artist that it feels like I'm actually worth something.


Sulpicia said...

That's so fantastic - to be needed for your own awesome creativity.

Anonymous said...

You are worth everything x

momentextase said...

What thenakedjourney said, adding only that you always were, and always will be.

Bob said...

Laroo, Laroo, Laroooooo! Please, you know better than to even consider you're not worth you're salt. You're good, your hubby, your friends and to all of your pals in Cyberville.

I'm pleased that your works continue to sell. That in itself is validation of your artistic abilities. You continue to grow as an artist and I have enjoyed watching your development.

Don't be so hard on yourself (I can read between the lines, girl). You're okay. I'm okay. Life is good.

Cyber Skipper Bob

La Roo said...

Sulpicia - It is such a good feeling

Chica- Awwwww you're too sweet.

Momentextase- It's weird, that feeling is hard for me to come by. Thank you though. Very sweet.

Bob- I feel like a decent person, but being able to do something and do it well, ummmm not so much. Let alone making someone feel a pull to what I've done. It blows me away. Really.
Thanks for having confidence in me that sometimes I don't see in myself. It means a lot.

momentextase said...

La Roo, that feeling was hard for me to come by too, and it came easier later in life. But if it was easy for us to feel that, there would be less room for doubt. And without doubt there is little room to learn.

Or, as Yoggi Berra once said, "If the world was perfect, it wouldn't be." Or as Rumi said, “Who could be so lucky? One who comes to a lake for water -and sees the reflection of the moon.”

By being the beauty you know in your heart, the "doing" will take care of itself. He knows you can show his wife "the reflection of the moon', he knows that because you communicate your true everything.

If you can feel that or not is sort of beside the point, being your everythng is more important than feeling it, although in my experience once you do feel your everything, it is impossible to ever go back.