Sunday, August 29, 2010

Product Review

Yes, it is dark. I know, we know.
Hubby shot it without me knowing this morning. Bad Hubby. I like bad.
We played with my new toy last night and this morning and right now and the next 20 minutes. Oh hell, I'm attached to the thing. Great investment. Hubby always says buy good tools!
I'm a lucky girl!!


Bob said...

Cripes! Do this at my house and both dogs will be in bed with your, licking, pawing, looking and hoping everything is okay.

I like your butt crack, Laroo. You'd make one hellofa cute plumber.

La Roo said...

I'm not into beastiality. And oh by the way telling me I have plumbers crack ....cute or not will get you no where. :)

Luv said...

by the sound of it, it is a great success. Turn on the power and enjoy.


annalise said...

i think u loved it!!!!! i like how ur bottom picked up the light, writhing globes of soft woman flesh. and i loved how ur sheets were messy and pulled across ur bed, u know? rumpled and sex filled. hot!!!! u have a nice voice cumming. so girly ^_^ u r sooooo gonna have lots more fun... sigh, imma have to pick a toy to love tonight... did u nap after? just remember when u decide to try bottom play to use lotsa lube. and just plain lube, warming i find is an irritant and numbing... what's the point. just go slow and push alittle, that will open u up a little. and breathe. ur soooo cool gurl. keep it up ;)

marquisdgore said...

Thank you, hubby!

Bigger said...

Well I have looked this contraption up and think it would make a great christmas gift. I have to say that is a great showing.

Other than that I am speechless

La Roo said...

Luv-yep, love it

annalise- There must have been a beam of light or my ass is that white. That bum of mine is glowing isn't it? I have black lingerie on and it is pulled up around my waist. You can't tell that though. I think my cumming voice is way different if I'm alone like that. ?????? That was pretty quiet for me.Thanks for the butt play tips. We've played in that area a little, but not lately and not very much. Will keep those thoughts in mind though.

Marquisdgore :)

Bigger- It would be a great Christmas gift!! It's the gift that keeps giving!!! They have different kinds. Mine is an INA. I had never had one with clitoral stimulation before. This is pretty great. Can you tell I hate it?
Bigger, I like leaving you speechless. :)

momentextase said...

You have quite a talent for sexy product reviews La Roo!

You have such a sexy voice and such a sexy ass!! You do!

AND -after having your way with us "In a Corner" shamelessly playing "peekaboo" with us, and "Cleansing" the mundane from our imaginations with your wickdly teasing and alluring photo triad -after all that sharing these moments of ecstatic pleasure are such an arousing climax. Thank you for sharing your sexiness! You are so hot!

You are also so bad La Roo, so very naughty and so very bad. Oh the baddness! Think of all the nipples and clits and cocks you you have caused to swell and ache! I hope you are proud of yourself! (say!) You are so bad, your hubby too -of course we love when your naughty and bad because it makes us naughty and bad too. xx

PS, about the multiorgasmic aspects, does your new toy play nice with that? You know, can you go to a "chinese firecrackers" sort of place with your toy??

La Roo said...

Momentextase-too sweet are you.
I like being naughty, thanks for enjoying my bad behaviors. They are not bad they are .....ooh so good. Right.
Love the chinese firecrackers comment. I've never heard that saying towards orgasms before.....I love it!!
I haven't let myself go all over the top multiorgasmic with the toy yet. A set of two or three with it, but I know there's more to be had. :)

annalise said...

i have to say something to the chinese firecrackers cumming, i hope i'm on the same page... anyway. have ur hubby tie u down, and bring u to the chinese firecracker stage and not stop and then to the deeper intense way up in ur pussy orgasmings and not stop, and then after u speak in tongue and get real religious, u sub trance, get there just by cumming. but, he needs to be present for the drop and all later. doesn't that sound like fun ^_^ don't attempt any math, lol, as i know i'm cum stupid for awhile. u can attempt other fun things tho ^_^

Naked Journey said...

You are awesome

momentextase said...

annalise, yep, you are for sure on the same page! And the next page too! LOL! I love your comments. Sexy, hot, you so get it... and are totally adorable.m Just sayin..

annalise said...

momentextase- u won't see this... but, thank u sir ^_^