Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lelo minus Stitch

Hoping this stimulates more than the economy.
Lelo INA


marquisdgore said...

Any thoughts on a demonstration video?

That would be awesome.

And very brave of you.

CarynSKA said...

Ah! You have to tell us if you like it! I've had my eye on that toy for a while now, but I'm hesitant to buy it 'cause of the cost.
But if it gets a glowing review, maybe I'll start saving up my nickels and dimes!

Luv said...

looks goreous. Luv the shape and colour. Are you going to use it with hubby or just when you're by yourself? Let us know how it works out. I bet it is better than the real thing.
Taking it to Mexico? They x-ray all bags now. Just to let you know.

annalise said...

i hope u love it! i know, they r expensive, yikes. i love the smooth satiny silicon they're covered in. that one looks like it's designed to get to ur g spot and and tickle ur clitty. i wonder if u rotate it u can get a really nice butt stimulation or even penetration. although that way, u might get off so fast u won't know what hit u. oh well, then u just go another round ^_^ toys r soooo much fun! yay u!

La Roo said...

Marquisdgore- You got a demo not because of me but because of my hubby. I just okayed it to share. :)

CarynSKA- It it pretty awesome. I highly reccommend saving your pennies. You can feel the quality in many ways and the clitoral stimulation is over the top.

Luv-I'm using it with hubby and myself. I'm an equal opportunity sex toy user. :) I loved it!!! Oh good gawd that thing is amazing. Look what I've been missing. It's not better than the real thing just different. Im lucky because I'm multi-orgasmic and I love to get off in all different ways.
Oh, it's definitely going to Desire. I don't care if they X-ray it. I embrace my sexuality. It makes it more fun that somebody might see it.

annalise-I do love it! Instantly I knew it was all good.
It does feel so much better than any toy I've ever had. No butt play yet, but do intend to soon!!
Yesterday was just fun going to buy it and bringing it home and just teasing about it and all the verbal foreplay that went along with it. It was funny, we bought the pjur cleaner, a porn dvd and a couple little lubes and because we spent so much they through in a sex trivia board game. How funny is that? We are goinmg to save it and take it to Desire as a fun ice breaker. Life's good.

Bob said...


Would would June Cleaver say?

Ohh, my. Ward? Shall we use this on the Beaver?

Bob said...

Crap, would would. Bob, get your words and shit together! WHAT WOULD JUNE CLEAVER SAY?

Okay, Ward probably would say, Wood! Wood! Me first. Wood first!