Friday, August 27, 2010



Anonymous said...

Hey Laroo,
I love these pics especially the middle one. Very sexy!
x L

Bigger said...

Wow I am loving your new pics. both sets. You have a gift for art of all kinds. Great shots. They are very sexy.

marquisdgore said...

Your new camera appears to be inspirational.

Love the vintage look you're using and of course the subject matter is always a spectacular treat.

Thank you for sharing

Luv said...

Sexy pictures. After you're clean, I can lick you all over. My tongue would work into your every cleavers and cracks.


annalise said...

the lighting gives it ambiance. the simple dress give hints to social echelon, the 1st one is my fav. it tells a story. i like way ur tits look in the 2nd one. i might have reversed the order, then the photos make a complete story, for me in my twisted little brain. ^_^

La Roo said...

Hi Liss! (right) Thanks. I'm trying to change it up a bit.
I would love to do outside picks like you both do.

Bigger - wow thanks, that's sweet of you. They are a bit subtle, but I think that's good right?

marquidgore-Actually I'm just using the computer cam for these shots. Fast and easy that way. Thanks for the compliments though. I'm having fun with it.

Luv-Ooooh. That makes me feel dirty.

annanlise-Actually I like the first one also. I'm not fully sure why, but it does speak to me quite a bit in where I'm at right now. I like your twisted little brain, don't ever hold back.