Friday, August 13, 2010

Very small oil paintings

Each artist in our gallery will paint approximately 18 of these birch blocks by November, on top of any other pieces we have going.
I have three done so far.


Bigger said...

It is always good to see where you are in your paintings. You better get to work that is almost 2 per week before November.

annalise said...

i like ur wee paintings, i like the sense of expression in the critters faces. i get waiting on the wallpaper, it will happen.

i love ur top its sooo cute!

Luv said...

I like the duck. Quite a few paintings you have to turn out. Lot of imagination. Seams that you're enjoying it.

La Roo said...

Bigger- Thanks and yeah i got a lot of painting to do. Some of them can be pieced together as a 2 or 3 piece set.

annalise-thanks, I try to give all my critters a personality. Appreciate you noticing.

luv- The duck is one of my faves also. I do have a lot to crank out and the ideas sometimes don't always flow like I would hope.