Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top that!

I'm not sure this little gem needs my words. It just totally speaks for itself.
Yes, yes it is a chocolate hat for your penis.


C said...


Luv said...

Great fun.
You can feel it melting in your month. Warm and sweet. Cock licking good. I need to buy them to try them on. Do they come in one size only? If they don't fit, can I return them? Do they have other shapes, like cowboy hats, baseball caps, etc?
This could be a series of photos, pictures, business opportunities.

annalise said...

i <3 chocolate

Bob said...

How about a chocolate Do Rag? Then the owner could say with authority, Do my Do Rag!

La Roo said...

C- I knew you'd appreciate this . :)

Luv- I think I might have to try one sometime. I would have a hard time not biting down because I'd be laughing so hard. They are pretty great, aren't they?

annalise- Me tooo! and cock. Great combo. I usually like my food separate from sex play though.

Bob- Absolutely, just whay I was thinking.. eh no, but funny. :)

Bob said...

HEYYYYY! The second anniversary of the birth of your was on August 11th. Did you know that?

Where's the cake? Where's the punch? Where's Laroo coming out of a cake butt ass nekked?

I'm thinking there must be some love for those who have followed you and commented here since Day One (Bet I'm the one, the only that's left) waiting....check out your first posts in August 2008 and who commented.

As a devoted, dedicated, daily follower do I get something special?

I'm just saying........

Anyway, happy birthday or anniversary. It's been great being part of you and this blog for two years.

La Roo said...

Bob- I thought about it last week and it just totally slipped by.
I checked the August 2008 posts and Bob I didn't see comments of yours until September. Hmmmmm.
It also looks like I found you. :)
You are a devoted and dedicated follower and have become a good friend in the process. How lucky am I?
I wonder how often that happens? Bob, I'll have to think up something special to share with you. ;)