Monday, August 9, 2010

I hurt when he hurts.

He is strong and not much stops him. He is very physical during his everyday work. If something needs done, especially a home improvement project, he's on it. What happens though is the body can only take so much and then it starts saying, "too much".
My hubby doesn't know how to pace himself. His mind just says do it and there's no stopping. The awareness of his limitations seems to be almost zero. Which in some cases can be to an advantage. Unfortunately he needs to consider that his muscles and joints have a been under stress on an almost daily basis. We are doing a backyard renovation with big plans. As usual a small idea has turned into a way bigger project.Hiring someone else to do much of anything is out of the question. It will be beautiful when it's done. Today his body shut down, both wrists/hands are swollen and painful. I'm sure it's from the machine he used to dig the trenches. It's not totally from that, because I think it's an existing condition that was pushed beyond its limits. Basically all of his joints are volatile and when he over does it is a complete take over. This is very hard for me to see. I can't do anything about it. I get angry when he keeps doing things when he hurts. Not angry mad, angry scared. I hate that he can't stop and listen to his body and know when to pull back a little. I've rubbed his hands with Ben Gay and put moist heat on them given him Advil. I'm sure it's probably some type of Carpel Tunnel or Arthritis. It runs in his family. I fear him ruining his body. I worry about him.......... I hurt when he hurts.


Luv said...

what a caring and loving wife you are, LaRoo. Hubby would stop eventually, when he finds out that he can't do it anymore. So just make sure that there is no permanent damage, it should resolve itself. Perhaps less complicated lodgement.

annalise said...

i'm sorry he's in so pain, and that u r too. hugs to u both.

Bob said...

When I hurt myself Wifey laughs and laughs. Last time it was when a fall of a ladder onto the wall of the house which resulted in a head injury. Blood all over (of course there was). Basically because Wifey was in stitches, I had to apply my own first aid. Cold compress. Lay down, feet up to eliminate shock. It wasn't funny.

As for your Hubby, how about a bong time? Bong! A little medicinal weed might be cure.


Just a thought. Who knows unless he tries something new? Relief might be just a toke away.

And don't you forget to sing along, Don't Bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me.......:)

Hope Hubby is much much better today.

C said...

awww so sorry to hear that. ice would be better for inflamation, tho. or alternate between the two. youre so caring, just as he is towards you. if he doesnt rest them now and let them heal he will damage them further... but you usually cant tell men nuttin, honey! they are stuborn.. also alternate tylenol with ibuprofen so that every 4 hours he is getting something. he may benefit from an injection of cortisone in the wrists, too. if he'll go that is... poor hubbster... i hope it gets better.

Bigger said...

Its a man thing. we have to prove to ourself we can work through the pain. I know it sounds crazy but thats just the way we are.

You just take care of him. there is nothing better than being pampered after a hard days work.

L0nestar5 said...

Try using Tiger Balm Ultra instead. Works good at night too, but he'll have to cover up his hands some way so he doesn't get it in his eyes or all over the place. A tube sock on each hand works.

La Roo said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments.The swelling has gone down quite a bit. He's actually is feeling better today and went back to work. He says he'll just point and let the apprentices do the work. Yeahh right.