Sunday, August 8, 2010

Peep Store

Yep, there's a Peep Store. It's in Maryland. I don't really like the taste of Peeps, except the dark chocolate covered ones. :) I just think they are frickin cute. Sometime soon I will paint a peep.


annalise said...

totally. peeps eat awful, but r awful cute ^_^

Bob said...

Gracie loves Peeps and frankly, I half way crave them, too.

The Peeps-mobile? How did you know that I've got the hots for a New Beetle in this color and a few others ...but the convertible model? It's on the "must have" list.

La Roo said...

annalise-I know, huh?

Bob-You would look slammin' in a convertible bug. :) Especially one with a Peep on it.

L0nestar5 said...

Try taking a stale one, put it on a plate, and microwaving it for like 30 secs on high. (Neat to watch too.) They even taste better warm.