Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School

I was all ready for school to start school today.
Hubby teased me, had I gotten a new lunchbox and new clothes for going back to school. I told him no...... the kids were going to tease me because I would have to take my lunch in brown paper bag. They would pull my hair because i didn't have the right kind of clothes. He asked me if I wanted to go find my class the night before so I would know where it was.
I have been taking this same particular painting class at the community college for about 6-7 years now. It's a great class with a bunch of really neat people.
I was excited about starting back to school. Even though I couldn't believe it was already time to start back. Did the summer just fly by or what? Damn! Well I went and the stupid elevator was not working and guess what??? My class is on the 2nd floor. That sucks! Huh?
Lucky for me my teacher is one of my best friends, I'll talk to her about it tonight and she'll let the school have it. they'll listen to her more than me.


Luv said...

that is no good having class on 2nd floor. How would you get up there? They should move it. Bought any new clothes for school? We can do a role play if you bought a school uniform.

Bob said...

Not having access to the second floor on the first day of school is definitely a lack of oversight on the part of the school not to mention a huge violation of the Disabilties Act. The administration should be ashamed and called on the carpet.

Someone should have at least called you before getting ready and driving a distance to school and for what? Their inconsideration that's what.

Don't lay down for this one. Let 'em have it. Otherwise something similar will happen again. This is the stuff law suits are made of.

La Roo said...

Luv- I do have a school girl skirt, I should have worn it.

Bob-I called today and they said it's fixed. We'll see tomorrow. Crossing my fingers. I need to carry you around with me in my pocket so you can deal with all my obstacles. When I come across an issue....whip you out and let you let them have it. Yep, thats what I need to do. Don't mess with me or I'll sick Bob on you!

Luv said...

Perfect. Is that a short skirt that you can easily lift up? I'll play the teacher. You naughty girl, bend down on the desk. You need a spanking.

Bob said...

Yeah, stuff like this brings out the pitbull in me. The Wife always says that I look out and protect anyone and everyone from harms way and shit like this. Can't help it. It's in the genetic makeup and what Bob is all about.