Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In a corner


L0nestar5 said...

Nice panties!

L0nestar5 said...

Oh....almost forgot....

Nobody puts Laroo in a corner!

Bob said...

Go go girl. Love this as a sequel to your June Cleaver entry. I think the right title for this post has to be To Hell With June Cleaver and Leave It To My Beaver.

Or maybe you title this I hear hubby drive up and then I.....

Or, like a boxing deal. . . like your title...In a Corner....and in this corner, redheaded lightweight Laroo fighting in the down around the ankles white trunks . . . she's undefeated with a record of 25 thrown down wins, no ties and only 2 defeats (panties got wrapped around her arms and she was defenseless).....

More. Please? :)

Luv said...

Wow, so sexy. And the pussy playing peekaboo behind the panties. You would think if you look from another angle, you can see what is behind. Won't work. This is great illusion and imagination. You're a magician, LaRoo.

momentextase said...

I like that this has such a 'retro', teasing vibe!

LaRoo, it has been very exciting to see you get more and more daring as time has gone by.

It is interesting, that as you embrace and express more deeply the sexual aspects of yourself in general and your exhibitionistic inclinations in particular, that all the the other apects of yourself seem to follow suit also -like the way you share the recipes you like, the places you go, your art, and the "art" of you. All have become more and more vivid and alive. Or maybe all these aspects lead each other.

In anycase, you spin a web that becomes more delightful, passionate, endearing and soulful day by day. It is a vulnerable thing to seek changes and push at edges. It does not matter where the edges are, it is seeing you push them that is so enthralling.

You are the kind of person that gives me hope for the human race.

La Roo said...

L0nestar5- Thanks, I'm glad you like them.

Bob-LoL about June Cleaver and leave it to my beaver. :) Hubby says "Ward, stuff this in your pipe" or maybe it's stuff your pipe in this? :)
Wow Bob.....you ask so nicely.

Luv- It is kind of playing peekaboo isn't it. What a playful pussy I have. :) It likes to play tag too!

Momentextase-Thanks for the nice comments. I just really want to be me and be free. It is quite the search and there are still things I battle with and probably always will. I can only be myself with certain people and then I must be tamed around most others. This blog has been a great avenue to share some deep thoughts and meet some great supportive people like yourself. I like sharing my life, because quite frankly it's a good one and I've come a long way to learn to enjoy it. Mind you I'm not saying that to be conceited, but I'm just thankful for my life and the experiences it has brought me.
Your words are very kind and I am grateful for you saying them. XOXO

La Roo said...

Momentetase- thanks for the comment on a post several down. :)

momentextase said...

I know what you mean LaRoo. I, and I imagine we all, have our challenges and our hard times and our good times too. It's all part of a good life!

I have my faults and things I battle with also, and also always will I suppose. In fact, I hope I never run out of them because each has been a key to what I HAVE learned, even ones I haven't quite overcome... at least the way I want. lol!

And yes, ways of being around some people may not be appropriate around others for many good reasons of personal ecology of all involved, so I know about that and how that feels too.

But you have to admit that when you can be yourself with yourself firstly, and then secondly share what you want to about what you have discovered of yourself with people (even just your mate or select friends)that are on the same page you are -that is enough and a blessing.

And finding (or being found by) and having those people share your thrill and fun of playing peekaboo for a while or more is even more fun to boot! Peekaboo -a metaphore for life in many ways.

marquisdgore said...

Just think!
3 more corners to go and apparently only 1 article of clothing left!

I can hardly wait :)

Thank you for sharing lady