Sunday, August 22, 2010

Redbull gives you wings

Long Beach Redbull Flugtag
Fun people make flying contraptions, thousands of people gather to see them launch( or fall) off the Redbull ramp.
Some of the group names that were flying:
Fish and Chips - local fish restaurant employee's dressed up like cops (tvshow Chips) flying a fish.
Special Delivery - guys dressed in diapers flying a stork
You fly like a girl - Girls in tutu's flying a pink craft.
Peepin it real- girls dressing like peeps flying a yellow craft
Three Amigos- Based on the movie

I took a picture with Fish and "Chips" and the Vigilantes

It was a lot of brain dead fun!


Anonymous said...

La Roo!!!!!!!!

Oh how I love you and have missed you so. I'm so sorry I disappeared with no word.

Unfortunately I cannot recover my blogs which makes me very sad as I loved them so much. My heart and soul went into that for a long time.

My blogspot space has been deleted and the wordpress site is still there but with no pictures :(

But I'm back now and I reinvent myself.

Come and visit me!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that it's Chica ;)

La Roo said...

I missed you and you're loveliness.
Yay! You make me tingle all over. Are you back for good. Your new site looks great. Did you walk on the journey with a cow?? Don't leave me again like that, ok?
Big hugs and I want to know what you've been doing with yourself. Your look gorgeous.

Luv said...

Great fun. It just showed that redbull is just all hype. If this happened in my town, I would be part of it. Crazy stuff. Are you going to join them next year? LaRoo stradding the redbull and got launched into the air. Kind of like sex. Fun!!

Naked Journey said...

I will never leave you again I promise. We will still meet one day.

Unfortunately we didn't do the journey with the cow but I had an amazing 6 months living in a tiny village in rural India.

And I'm hoping to head back there soon to continue helping to build a small community there and also follow up with some photography/video projects.

I hope you're doing really well, you're also looking fabulous.

So good to be back here xxxxxx

momentextase said...

OMG! Welcome back Chica! Missed you! xx

momentextase said...

LOL! La Roo,its funny how all attempts to fly succeed in lifting the soul, despite any inperfections of the aerodynamics. FUN!

Also, its funny how many pictures with sexy hunky guys you end up in, you are doing something right! FUN!

Bob said...

Looks like you had one hellofa fun day. I love strange and this deal is definitely up that alley. Only thing is you missed Topless Sunday which happens only once a year. Oh well, you can always celebrate a bit late here REAL SOON (hint, hint).

And love seeing that Chica is back blogging. Where's that damn bus of hers? How I'd love to own it. Think of all the Karma that would come with it. Priceless.