Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You do what with it?

I've been thinking about this for a while.
When I was coming up into my sexuality during the pre-teen years of course sex was not talked about. You learn from other kids and the media and observation. What my mother told me about sex was zilch. I got the book with the body's anatomy and told where the penis on a boy was and how my reproductive system worked. So, you learn on I'm sure many people do.

I was always interested in sex but felt it was to be hidden and if you liked it to much you were considered a slut. Then the way to make everything sound okay was to say, "making love". That some how soften the act and romanticises it.

The fact of the matter with me is, I love my husband all the time. I mean I make love to him all the time. I make sure he knows he's loved and wanted and I show my love and devotion all the time. I don't wait to have sex to "make love". Sex is sex, for me it's giving and receiving gradification from one another. In the heat of the moment I do think to myself how lucky I am to have the love of this man to be able to share myself with. Do I ush and gush lovey dovey stuff? Not so much, I have come into my own and thoroughly enjoy being fucked hard with no cuddliness involved. It's a purely raw sexual act that is separate from the day to day grind. To be at this comfort level after looking back at where I came from is so awesome.


Luv said...

I'm sure your hubby is a great guy to let you do all these stuff. Do you include other stuff when you say sex? Fuck gently and then fuck hard. Fuck long and fuck often. You can replace fuck with having sex if you want. For me, fuck is raw and carnal, not the same as making love. Lucky gal and lucky guy. Bless you.


HEDONE said...

Owning our sexuality and not being ashamed to just need a good fuck is great. And leads to better more satisfying sex, period.


Southern Sage said...

I think a lot of girls grow up with the same mindset for a variety of reasons. Glad you got passed that!