Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ok, I don't know how to download You Tube stuff. So, I took a picture of it with the computer camera.
You must see the videos and the ones related to it.

He is my new inspiration. He will make you say damn, too.

Please check it out on You Tube. To click thes image won't do anything. I need to figure this out.


Britni TheVadgeWig said...

You can link to the video itself my copying and pasting the URL and making a link in your blog, or you can embed the videos. Under the video, there's a button that says "embed code." Click it, and copy the whole long thing. Then, in your blog post, go to "HTML" view and paste that code in. Then you can go back to "rich text" view and type/edit like normal.

Bob said...

What has no arms, no legs and floats in a swimming pool?


La Roo said...

Britni- Thanks, I'll have to try it again. I thought I did all that a couple times and it didn't work. I got frustrated and didn't try again. I'm just being lazy.
Did you check this guy out? He's amazing.
I think you could very much appreciate him. For me, he is ultra religous(not my thing), but if that's what gets him though so be it. Putting that aside, he is the person people need to think about when they have problems.

Bob- Oh Bob...no, no..You and hubby. That's what him and a friend of ours started in with after we had told him about this inspirational guy.........bad! Did you check it out? I think you would be in aww.

Anonymous said...

I am happy. I know I am "blessed" to use a term. I am not a religious person. How wonderful that Nick achieves so much, lives life to the fullest...far more than most able- bodied folks. <<== considering the vids that term is so incorrect.


Geez, I'm such a slacker