Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wax on......Wax off.

Enough said.


Luv said...

I love both the before and after picture. With and without pube. You are a tease. Can I have a close up to see how smooth it is? Maravillosa.

Luv your vulve


C said...

bwahahaha @ luv your vulve....


just gorgeous, madame... awesome...

CarynSKA said...

Looks fantastic!
I've always wanted to try waxing, but it seems painful, and I'm a big chicken.

Gray said...

*laughs* Now I shall think of you when I see the Karate Kid movie.;)

Bob said...

Shit. I made some really cool comments here and lost them. Fucking Blogger! Grrr. I give up (for now).

Bob said...

In the old west there were guys called Bushwhackers. And bush whacking still happens today. Isn't that interesting, you bush whacker, you?..... :)

kevhem25 said...

Very nice pics, don't be afraid to show the reverse side of those pics too. I know you have a cute tush from your ishotmyself folio. Again nice job on the waxing. Very sexy.

La Roo said...

Luv-I believe you can click on the an they go larger, right? I like to tease a bit. :) Thanks for your niceness.

C- I know funny, huh? I don't know about gorgeous. It is just the avaerage run of the mill pussy. Nothing fancy here. :)

CarynSKA- I've been waxing for a long time now. It's something you just get used to. I always take Advil about an hour before I go get it done. It seems to take a little bit of the edge off.

Gray- Pubes on, reminds you of Ralph Macchio, huh? :)

Bob- Slap it up, flip it, rub it down.
Yeah...a bit of a bushwacker , I guess. Do you wack bush?

Kevhem25- I had tush shots on ISM??? I can't even remember. But thanks for the compliment.
I just love the feeling of being waxed. I know it's not for everybody, it's just my personal prefrence.

Luv said...

Hey LaRoo
You said:
"It is just the avaerage run of the mill pussy."
I disagree.
No woman should think she has an average run of the mill pussy.
Every pussy is unique and beautiful. She should be pampered, cherished, prized, cared for, decorated and shown off for all to see.
I'ven't seen your pussy in her true glory, but I love her anyway.


marquisdgore said...

Thank you for sharing that.

There were 2 pictures? I only got the after.

Have you ever considered your own sex tape? I imagine quite a few of your readers would be interested.

Supplement your artistic income.

Who knows ,the world might be ready for Lady LaRoo in action under a decent lighting system :) Might be plenty of volunteers to do the camerawork.


L0nestar5 said...

Fantastic either way.

Bigger said...

Nice can some one pick my chin up off the ground

La Roo said...

Luv-It is run of the mill, I know it. And it is what it is.

Marquisdgore- In my next life, I might consider a esex tape. I'm not cut out for that. Only in my fantasies. :)

Lonestar- Very sweet of you.

Bigger- Awwww, your sweet.

Southern Sage said...

Looks great either way. I always figured the bride would do whatever with it she wanted and that always suited me fine.
great pics though.