Friday, July 2, 2010

My reading is so in depth.

I saw this guy's book at a Border's book store a year or so ago and just fell in love with it. It is so creative and just so much fun.
I haven't really put much thought about it since, but ran into his blog and I had to share. This stuff makes me happy. Look at his older stuff also, it's great.
Go check it out.

I actually have put the link on the post and for some reason it isn't showing up. I added him to my list of blog people over on the side. So click on it over there.


Gray said...

That is so unique! Thank you for sharing.:)

Luv said...

I love bent objects. Some bent and soft objects can become straight and hard. Got to check this out. Thx for the lead.


La Roo said...

Gray- You're welcome, you know me ....I like the unique stuff.

Luv- I like those kind of bent objects also. What a coincidence.

Bob said...

Is it me or just my imagination that the photo shows a bent dick weenie sitting on a couch with a taco? A taco?! Of course they're going to have major throw down food sex. And think of the indigestion.

OMG! Then there might be a pregancy from this deal. What do you get when you cross a bent weenie with a taco?

Der Weener taco? I'm just saying...