Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pink & Soft and shit you don't care about.


Bob said...

Okay. Pink and soft. I gotta love it and just adore the new BRA, bra! :)

An idea for another canvas along these lines: Almost the same focus as what's shown here but remove all of the objects except the bed. Add a drive in movie screen with an image of sorts on it.

Canvas title: Last Tango at the Passion Pit.

annalise said...

i like the wee painting! yeah, needs to be hanging were it can be seen by many. that's how u get ur name out there, absolutely. and i think one creates different for anonymous than for specific, does that make sense?

titties! and they look cute in pink!

Luv said...

Thanks for showing soft and pink. Before I saw the vid, I was dreaming if it would be something moist as well. No such luck this time.
Love the picture. Should sell in no time. It might be a theme that you can develop into a series. Just like the Twilight movies.


Bigger said...

Love the painting. I would definetly try to sell it to some one to get your stuff out there. Also is there a website for your gallery. Or some how I can see what is avaliable. I dont want to cross the blog line. where real life and internet get to close but I am curios as to what is avaliable at your gallery. Just let me know.

The pink and soft was nice also. I like women in lenjerie ot leaves some thing to the imagination.

La Roo said...

Bob. Thanks. I gotta biege one also. It might not have the same effect.
Actually, I like that thought about the bed/movie screen. hmmmmmmm. My minds aticking.

annalise-I didn't get ya at first but slow me finally understands, I think. You create and different way if you are let to do what you want. If it is to planned it isn't the same. ??? let me know if I got that. :)

and my titties thank you. :)

Luv-Your welcome! I'm a giver. :) hhhm moist.?
I really enjoyed doing that piece and would like to do more like it.

Bigger-Thanks, I like to leave a little to the imagination.
Uhhhhh, not sure how to not cross that blog line.
Let me ponder it. Thanks for being respectful.

annalise said...

yeah, pretty much.

there is this, i feel there is an underpinning of expectations when one creates for someone they know, cuz, well, u know that person, u know their likes and dislikes, wants, needs, etc. when u create from urself with no one else in mind it's different, freeing, no critiques, or judgements. not that the ppl u know would do this, it's like well, it's unconscious, or a self consciousness thing, idk.

and then maybe i'm projecting. then disregard. but, for me, becuz i'm monstrously intuitive. i know way too much about someone almost immediately, so 4 me that can influence a project. but, then, i'm also incredibly impressionable, which gets me into all kinds of situations.

and btw, ur soooo NOT slow. i just tend to abbreviate cuz there is mind overflow, all the time and i figure i tmi, so i try to keep it brief.

btw, i do love the wee painting, and wanted to see were u where ultimately going to take it, that's why i never commented on it's progression.

k, so, at 1st glance i thought the umbrella was a smiling mouth with a tongue ready to lick. and it was a weird sensation to imagine the licking of all the things on that canvas, i liked the feeling of weirdness. i very much like the umbrella too. and hanging upside down makes it more the collector than the protector. cool beans ^_^

anyway, sorry to confuse.