Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hop on in!

I want one of these! No,. really I do!
It would be great to just hop into one of these and take it to the grocery store and park it. Or hubby in one and me in another and pull up the Bob's house in them. How fun would that be. Maybe drive by the park where all the kids get stoned.
Mine would smell like fabric softener or bubblegum. For some reason I think they shoud have a smell???????

I'm wondering if this was taken at Burning Man? If so, I definitely have to go.

I want to do a painting with bunny slippers.....hmmmmmm.


Bob said...

This would be perfect for Cruise Night. You'd be the hit of the party. I don't think you could drive it in the rain, do you?

Crash said...

you realise of course that you're insane ... first pigs at the bbq and now ridable bunny slippers ...

ah well, that's blogging I guess, they start out sane and degenerate into something that even puff n stuff would fine bizarre...

In saying that though - do you think they could make 'em in snake?

Now THAT would be worth riding - no pun intended.

Luv said...

Giant fuzzy bunny rabbits. Hard to find a place to park them in the bedroom. But big enough you can be cozy and snuggle in it with your hubby. I like the color. Where are the tortoises?


Anonymous said...

Yes, that shot was taken at Black Rock City. The earliest reference I can find for them is 2002.

Bob said...

Boing! Boing! Boing!!!!!

La Roo said...

Bob- With fuzzy dice hanging from its ears?
Maybe with an umbrella???

Crash- Great minds think alike, right?
I saw Alice in Wonderland the movie this weekend for the first time. That kind of shit plays in my brain all the time. Scary, huh? I live in a world of whackiness. I am so grounded's ridiculous!

Luv-Oh yeah, a little bunny love den.

the-curmudgn- Thought so. Thanks. Have you been?

Bob-You like little pink soft things? :)

Bob said...

Do I like little soft pink things? Of course I do . . . and while we're on the subject I've not seen anything close to that here for quite a while....are you like on boobie strike or just taking a boobie break? Or just boobed out?


Anonymous said...

Never been, and never goin' either. With wrecked lungs and poor heat tolerance, a desert with hundred-plus-degree heat and dust storms is about the last place I need to be.