Thursday, June 24, 2010

brain file # 654

I had this dream last night. I was at some type of event, I think it was some kind of concert. The beat of the music was making me horny. Crazy horny, the kind of horny you feel out of control. Like when you just have to touch yourself or need someone to just take you. But I didn't and couldn't. It wouldn't have been right and not appropriate and I knew this for some reason. I couldn't leave and it just got increasingly more intense. The feelings in my body were at the point of me physically shaking. It was as if the people around me knew and the glances at me intensified the craziness. It was some kind of public mind game of foreplay. I would try to block out the music and close my eyes, which didn't help. I wasn't with my hubby and didn't recognize anybody. I remember feeling somewhat scared and a bit drugged. The music beat pounded my pussy and I became wet. I wandered under a tree where there was one of those playground horses that have the spring on the bottom that you rock back and forth on. Uhhhh. yeah. It was the only way I felt that I could keep myself from going nuts...... The minute I had finished, the music stopped and the people started leaving the concert.
Don't know what that was about, but at the time it felt so real. Weird, huh?

I always think the brain is like a roladex and there are files that are common and we see a lot and ones that appear for reasons unknown. Kind of like junk mail.


Bob said...

Strange dreams are why I keep a hammer alongside the bed. I wake up, realize how fucked up the dream was, hit myself in the head with the hammer and go back to sleep. No more weird ass dreams.

Music pounding your pussy? Hmmm, I'd love to take you to a concert, Laroo. That's something (pounding pussy music) I just have to see. What shall it be? Country. Cajun? Lawrence Welk? :)

La Roo said...

Bob- A hammer?!! Yikes! You hit yourself with a hammer, you might not ever wake up. :)

Don't you just ever feel the music? Come on Bob.
Actually I'm going to a concert at the end of July, come on down.

Pounding music like Lawerence Welk??? Yeah, that's it. :)

Bob said...

Since I don't have a pussy it's safe to say that I have not felt the music as you do. I've heard of pounding that pussy but never music pounding pussy music. I sometimes say, That's music to my ears, though. If I were a woman I guess that would change to, That's music to my pussy.

Luv said...

dreaming of pussy pounding music. We need some analysis here. Must be rock music. Dancing music for sliding slowly in and out. Jazz for masterbation. Any more ideas? What music for just lying still with pussy well stuffed, which I like very much?