Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yeah, like that.

"I just like the idea of knowing people who give me the right to be wrong .
I took this quote (with permission) from Crash. Thanks.
These words spoke to me big time. How cool is it just to be able to just say or do what ever you want and even if it's not right in your everyday life, it is acceptable here. The people you pick up for the ride along the way, I think in someway reflect your views or just simply understand for the sake of just being open minded. Either that or they just want to see the train wreck. The later is probably the one. Whatever it may be, it has made me able to let out a bunch of stuff that I would've kept to myself for the lack of boring, shocking, acting stupid ....basically being myself around the people that know me in real life. Sad, huh? But good there is a place like this. People used to write in journals and I'm sure still do, but this is like having a journal and sharing it with a million strangers that none of it will effect. And those strangers who have become friends give me the right to be wrong.
Now that's freeing!


Sulpicia said...

I definitely agree.

C said...

oh yeah, baby...

we always have times when we are wrong.. those who deny that are just liars... and poo poo heads.

except for me, of course... cuz i AM always right....

['cept when i'm wrong].



Bob said...

Next to the last sentence in this post read: "And those strangers who have become friends give me the right to be wrong."

This may be correct with possibly one exception: When two of the strangers you befriend have the last name of Wong cause two Wong's never made a right.


Bigger said...

Great Post

I do have to agree