Thursday, April 29, 2010

A little pecker


Bob said...

With or without make-up there's something wonderful about a free boobin' redhaired beauty that I just love.

Love the start on the painting. I'll see what I can find per your request here.

justme said...

It looks so real.

La Roo said...

Bob-Thanks for all your compliments, awwww.

Justme- Hoping to make the real look surreal, soon as the tattoo and berries enter the picture

C said...

i absolutely LERVE that lil pecker! your picture is beautiful!!

you are so talented, laroo...



marquisdgore said...

a couple of places to find those old style tattoo flash

Had to type that last one - hope I didn't mess it up..

All the really famous old time artist designs are in these three sites. Hope you find something immediately. Going through them all can be overwhelming.

Got a question about one of your art pieces. OK if I contact you through your other site email?

marquisdgore said...

for some reason the last 4 letters of that last site were cut off when sent
Add: vfAg to the very end

La Roo said...

C- Thanks

Marquisdgore- The probem isn't finding old school tattoos. I'm looking for a old school sexy girl bird tattoo,not a sexy girl with a bird tattoo. I've found a million of them, actually at the sites you gave. That's what's so hard. Finding a bird that has a girlish figure or posed like a pin up girl seems nearly impossible. Thanks for the input.
I'd like to keep blog life separate from real life. If you want to know just ask here. ok