Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener.....that is what I'd truly like to be..

Someday when I grow up or maybe in my next life, I want to .......

be a stripper
own my business on wheels
wear high heels (and walk in them)
drive one of those big yellow digger things (back hoe)
work at See's candy and wear the cute outfit
have the emotional strength to do art with sick kids
have a peep war (yes the sugary little candy chicks)
open my own nudist type, sexy resort
have some type of universal design company that makes cool handicapped stuff for people. Not wally shit, posing as a cool thought.
write a children's book
be more patient
climb a tree
be a better wife and person all around.

Ok, got that out of my system. How frivolous am I?
What's on your list?


Gray said...

I don't think any of this is frivolous! Most of the stuff on your list I could actually see myself wanting to do! Though I'm gonna guess me driving a back hoe is a really bad idea for anyone around me. *grins*

Bob said...

Gray - The ex wife was a "back hoe".... :)

Bob said...

This might sound a little dicey but here goes if I could live another life or Do-over this one:

I would have never married. There would be no significant other but a "stable" of friends to spend time with.

There would have no children (I would have been snipped at age 16).

Instead of an MA in Educational Admin an MBA would have been pursued with the possibility of a law doctorate.

Life's work would have been as a CEO of a major corporation (working up through the ranks) or as a defense attorney.

I would have white cracker colored complexion in favor of a darker colored skin.

I'd reside in NYC or San Francisco living in a loft overlooking either the Brooklyn Bridge/Central Park or the Golden Gate Bridge.

I'd learn to play an instrument - piano, and play in a small group of musicians.

I'd still onw a boat sail. Buy fine art. Listen to all types of music and attend many concerts.

And this is why I'm coming back to do these things here. It's going to be so fun! Want to join me?

La Roo said...

Gray- You want to wear the See's candy outfit too?

You would have horse friends? :)
Why not the snip at 15? The whole A&W rootbeer thing.
You can be the CEO of my business. :)
(not what you imagined???)
Ohh the loft, can I add that to my list!
I'm a very much simpleton compared to you, now and when.

Sure I'll join you, we'll have a blast!

C said...

why wait until your next life, laroo? start doing what you can and check off some stuff on your list! theres no better time than now... you can do some of those things, maybe more than what you think.



Bigger said...

I would like to go to outer space. Also I would like to have someone put fresh sheets on my bed every day.

La roo, the biggest problem is when in the world are we going to grow up?

La Roo said...

C- The one's I'd really like to do cost money. Although we are comfortable in our life, those particular things don't feel within reach. The other things are more emotional strengths or just go do it type of things, I know.
You are right about doing more than I think I can.

Bigger- I really don't want to grow up. There might actually be some accountability that being grown up requires. That would suck.
Oh fresh sheets......hmmmm that's nice. I could get used to that. :)

Bella said...

great list. i have a mental list like this but have never written it down. maybe i should.