Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I can't sleep. I got bumps. sex drive, bleh, I'm bloated, my last period lasted 2 weeks, I'm tired, I'm anxious, I'm gassy,
I keep telling myself it will get better.

Yeah, this was well worth it. Doc says just stay on it...your body is adjusting. Phftttt.

It's called Seasonique, don't try it.

Had all kinds of trouble with birth control in the past and here it is again. This time I know it is the culprit, that's the only good thing. Suffered many years with bad side effects and didn't know what was causing them.

I got off the pill, hubby got a vasectomy. All has been great until we planned this vacation. My period has been early, late and in between. So, it through off the vacation plans that we so carefully plotted. Told the doc, she suggested taking these pills that surpress your period for 3 months. I asked if I would have issues like before, she said no,being on them for such a short time.

I'm stuck ....and I'm trying to suck it up and be the happy camper I need and want to be and it is not easy. It's amazing how it has changed my whole being.

Let's go be naked and frolick and confident. Yeah let's.


Just A. Girl said...

Seasonique was no good for me either. I felt like a totally different person. Ugh. Yaz was the only thing I could find. But everybody is different I guess. Good luck with that. It's your hormones and those pills, not you.

Crash said...

Mmmm ... birth control eh? fortunately my personality takes care of that side of things ...

However, I have the perfect cocktail recipe for you to try - in fact - try it twice. Here it is:

1st pour out three shots of tequila - drink them.

[long island iced tea]

Next: add a few wedges of lime and some cane or raw sugar [teaspoon or so] into a cocktail shaker and muddle [grind 'em up].

Now add a shot of each of these:

white rum
triple sec

add some ice - shake vigorously.

Strain over ice in a tall glass - add a splash of coke and a wedge of lime - drink naked in the sun - or if it's winter, under a really bright lamp ...

Try it - you'll love it -

Hang in - big hugs :)

annalise said...

fukin a! this totally sucks! yaz nearly killed me. i totally feel for u. can u just stop taking it? if u've already bled like a stuck pig couldn't u be out of ur cycle? and at the right time for ur trip? if all else fails maybe u could tie alittle bell on the little white string. i'm frickin' tremendously horny on my period. but this sounds miserable. :(

Bob said...

Nuts. Of all the things. well, come vacation time you might be pleasantly surprised. Leave room for the unexpected.....and keep your fingers crossed, kid.

La Roo said...

Just A. Girl- I'm glad to hear I'm not crazy...well some people would beg to differ. I feel just all out of whack.

Crash-I know you might not hardly believe this or if to you this could be possible......I don't drink. Sounds like a fab drink though. Did my share when I was younger and can appreciate the good times and good drinks with the best of them.
I will be sure to lay naked in the sun though.

annalise-You feel the pain..don't you? Oh I'm so not alone. Thank Gawd.
Love , love , love the bell on the little white string idea!! That my dear made my day. Oh shit, that's funny!
And no I can't just stop taking it, it will throw me completely off. Damn it, huh.

Bob- I'm going into this head on, but who the hell knows. I'll be as positive as possible, even ring a ling ling linging with my little bell if all goes to hell in a hand basket. :)

Crash said...

really? ... mmm, okay - well that's cool though right? - I probably drink enough for everyone anyway - so when does the holiday actually start?

Bigger said...

Well I wish the best of luck on your trip. It will all work out

Bob said...

Oh, you're gassy? Ever try lighting your farts. Helps to pass the time. Not only is it fun but it's a real gas, Laroo! You'll be the hit of the resort you're traveling to! Ariba!

La Roo said...

Shut up, Bob.

Bob said...

Well, I thought it'd be funny. We could light up together...and do like a duet in fart major! Toot! Toot! Toooooooooooooo! Then:

Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole!!!!