Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'll never be the same.

We are back from our trip and still recovering from sun, humidity, fun people, activities, late nights and wild sex.
I've never had my body painted before and this was so much fun. Most people choose butterflies or flowers or vines, I chose sugar skulls. It was lingere night at the disco and I was wearing a cute little top and bottom set. Then I saw the body painting dude and just had to try it. Needlesss to say there was no use for the top anymore and the skulls glowed in the black light at the disco.
The mosaic mirror was above our bed and I thought my artwork on my boobies looked cool all broken up.


eva said...

Check out this girl's blog:
she does some cool body paintings, and also get them very nicely photographed.

Bob said...

I've just found my new dream job: Boobie artist. I'd call my biz Boobie Bob's Boobie Art. You look so happy and errr, so satisfied. :) Ha.

Glad you're home safe and sound and ready to go do it again. Welcome home. We missed you.

Luv said...

Wow, nice job, La Roo
I love the green vines circling the nipples. Red flowers and pink nipples. Very cool.
Did you have a great time? How many new things you tried? Sexual or otherwise.
Planning to do something even more daring?
Glad that you are back.


L0nestar5 said...

Nice skulls!
Glad u r back.

Mr M

Bear / Oso said...

Wow! I just wish I had been there to see those sugar skulls in person! YOu look Great La Roo.

YOu have to tell us more, a lot more, about your trip. It seems you had a good time.

C said...

wow nice artwork! your hair with the white flower is divine and so sensual!!!!

i am so glad you had fun!


The world according to Gaz said...

Love the skulls La Roo. Excellent choice. Have to agree with Bob being a Boobie artist would be cool. Do you think stick figure people would cut it?

La Roo said...

Eva- That's amazing! I would love to have my body painted like that. Actually, I'd like to paint on someones body also.

Bob-Go for it Bob. I'll be your first client. Yeah,not a bad job to have, huh?
I am so relaxed and satisfied, you can see it huh?
I missed you and thanks for your welcome home.

Luv-This was very fun and it felt awesome when he did it. It felt even neater as the paint dried and got a little tight.
We met many people and made instant friends, it was so easy. We played in the playroom at the disco amongst about 6 couples. That was new and very erotic. Hubby cracked my ass a few times and you could hear the gasps of oooww of the others which was fun.There was other stuff I'll probably go into in another post. You never know what we might try next.??? Thanks for your welcome back.

Lonestar5-I'm slow, are you momentextase (mr. M)?
And thanks, It's good to be back. Although we are missing Cancun and yearning to go back already.

Bear/Oso- Do you live near Cancun? Thanks for the compliment. I had fun.

C- I felt sensual and that hasn't come easy to me lately, so thanks for noticing. You must go there, you would love all the fun in the sun!

Gaz- I personally would love stick figures all over me, so my answer is yes!
I don't think there is much training to become one of these. I think all that is required is a few acrylic paints and 3 or 4 brushes. Have at it!

13messages said...

You're beautiful everywhere.

L0nestar5 said...

Nope...not momentextase.
I couldn't remember if you knew me by L0nestar5 or Mr M.