Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun in the sun

I'm diffinitely not a model but I had fun doing this little photo shoot.
Even though we live close to the beach I can't remember the last time I was in the ocean because I don't do well with waves. Go figure :) The waves in Cancun broke about a mile out because of the reef, so I was able to go in and it was so awesome. It was like bath water and beautiful shades of aqua and blue.

Second one down is looking at our room and little patio.

Third one is the beach beds.

It is so frickin beautiful there!!

Upon arrival you are asked not to take pictures when others are around. Most all of our pics are alone except for some people we met and asked if theyed take pictures with us. They totally were up for it and we had fun, but I'm not going to show those out of respect.
Most of the photos we took were tame in comparison to what we actually did, but left the camera behind and didn't worry about it.
They had themed nights at the disco like naughty school girl, black and white, sexy lingere, leather in the tropics. It was great fun seeing all the outfits watching people dance on the poles on the dance floor, while the music thumped. The disco and playroom have been recently remodeled and it was nice and clean. The playroom had about 8 round beds staggered up on platforms and a sex swing in the middle. 2 big flat screens that of of course had porn on them. Stacks of clean towels to put under you and to clean up with in abundance. I never got a picture of it so you will have to use your imagination. I have it vividly ingrained in my head. :) We played in the playroom and also on one of the back 1/2 beds behind the round bar. I wanted to try the swing, but didn't think I could balance myself enough. I would like to try it in a more alone space. Looks like fun.


13messages said...

You look so gorgeous in that top shot. I'm glad you had so much fun. It's definitely on my short list of vacations I'd like to take at some point.

The world according to Gaz said...

Fantastic, you should do more model stuff they rock.

C said...

how beautiful it looks there! wish i could go but if they saw me neked, they'd demand their money back and run!!!!!!!

more pics, PLEASSE!


Sulpicia said...

I'm so happy to read about your fun... It shines from your words. (And, ahem, your image.)You are beautiful. XS

Luv said...

Wow, the disco room is quite a set up. Is there really much open sex going on or people just mingle and dance in the disco room? Were you part of the action? Happy that you enjoyed it. I'm begging for more of your stories. Please tell, please.
You look gorgeous naked on the beach. The color of you skin!
More, more, more, please. I'm so excited and envious at the same time. What a lucky girl.


Bigger said...

I am jealous. It looks like you had a blast. To be able to be so free most be great. Welcome home

La Roo said...

!3- Very sweet of you.
You must go. This is a place for you, no joke. I could totally see you there.

Gaz- awwww.

C- It is so killer there. I can't properly put it into words. You are beautiful and that is what is so great about this place...everyone is just themselves and nobody is worried about it. What I learned is that if you're opened minded enough to go there, you are opened minded enough to just except people for who they are.

Sulpicia-Awww you are sweet also. hugs.

Luv- The dance floor is where it all starts and everyone is bumping and grinding and gyrating. Quite of few people are in the playroom at all times. They kind of filter in and out between the dance floor and playroom all night. There is also sex in little nooks and crannies of the resort. It isn't blantently out all over everywhere. People do leave their room curtains open and the beach beds get some action also. Yes we did participate in our own way. We are not swingers, but are very sexual people. We did have sex next to some friends we made and in the playroom where there were quite a few people. It's so erotic and freeing. I highly reccomend it if that is your cup of tea.

Bigger-You need not be jealous. Just make it a point to go sometime.

annalise said...

sounds like u had a BLAST! u look so pretty and u have beautiful coloring ^_^

u would luv a swing, a good one supports u very well, and balance isn't an issue, fun is and the whole floating while... oh yeah, it's awesome, just makes sure the ceiling hook is installed right. and be sure it's like a swivel thingy at the hook up, so it doesn't twist up, untwisting it can be fun as long as ur not intoxicated lol

wow, i love those beach beds by the sea. yeah, i swear those beds r beggin' for it.

Bob said...

I know it's only rock and roll but I like it, like it, like it, yes I do. I like it.....

momentextase said...

Great pix, noper-your not one of thise fake madison avenue model types, but you sure are a model of sexy!

I'm sort of hoping you can paint, in an impressionistic and respectful of others sort of way... some of the stuff you could not take pictures of!
You know, little glimps of the scenes as seen through your excitement and emotions.. how it affected you!

Also, an interested in how your pre trip anxieties compared to what you found there, and what suprised you!