Sunday, May 30, 2010

Had too much fun and sun.

I've been recovering from too much sun. I put sunscreen on but I forgot my lips. The reflection of the gulf waters after standing there for hours fried my lips. They were swollen like I had botox for the last few days and now have turned into blisters. How lovely! I think I have a little virus also, I'm so very tired and congested or maybe I have a little sun poisoning???? I'll live, I just have to weather the storm for a while.
I haven't been in the ocean since...I can't remember. I was able to go in with hubby and a new friend walking on either side of me and once I was up to my waist all was good. The waves were breaking about a mile out at a reef, so there was nothing to come crashing into me. Where we live the waves crash right on shore and I can't keep my balance or duck dive under them to let them pass. I so much enjoyed the warm turquiose waters, it was a little piece of joy I'll never forget.
The mexican people were great and made us feel so welcome, sometimes they tried to help to0 much but were very sweet. Everyone was very accepting and just so opened minded it was awesome! Hubby and I met so many people from all over the world. It was international week and we weren't aware of that going into this. That made for such a great time though. Being at a place like this, you meet people instantly and 15 minutes later are giving each other naked hugs and planning where in the resort are you going to meet for dinner. Now if we were at the beautiful JW Marriott, everyone would have been off to themselves while they're buried in their Blackberries. The wives would be shooting dagger eyes at there husbands for looking at the pretty girls. At our resort everyone is naked and everyone is looking at each other and there is just a complete guard that is let down. They had a mechanical bull because one night was steak night, they had naked volleyball, a contest at the pool decorating your nude partner with fruit and chocolate, balancing on a long surfboard naked while guys on each end were pushing to get you off balance, I could go on. It was just fun. Yes, we did dress for breakfast and dinner, lunch was at the pool bar area so it was optional.

One of my favorite part of the trip was sitting on the beach. At Desire you are required to wear a ankle band at all times, so they know you belong to the resort. The beach was public, so people from other resorts would pass through our portion of beach. Many did not realize what they were going to see and when they did, looked straight ahead or head to the ground. I picked up on this right away and decided to have fun with it. Most of the people walking were couples and the wife was always looking forward while the husband walk a step behind rubber necking back. You could tell the ones that weren't from the resort because they had no band. I wouldn't let them pass with saying "hi, how are you"? They didn't know what to do. They would say "hi" real quick and put there head down and keep walking. This was my game the entire time. Yay! It doesn't take much to entertain me! :)


Luv said...

Hey La Roo,

You were having fun, yourself with the hubby and with the ordinary folks that figured you people were sex devils. I bet the guys secretly wanted to join you. Did they cover their eyes?

Great time.


Bob said...

What a wonderful, memorable vacation. Just exactly what time away from home should be. You and hubby definitely got your money's worth. Same time next year? :)

13messages said...

I always smile to read what you share. I'm glad you had such a great time. It's certainly on my list of places to go.

annalise said...

ppl r so freaked by nudity! lol, i get ur game with the random walkbys, bad girl! lol ^_^

so much repression over nudity and sex in our culture, yay! for u and all the fun u had ^_^

sounds like sun poisoning, which feels like a virus. keep urself outta the sun and hydrated, and if u swell anywhere like hands and feet keep everything comfortably elevated. i'm talkin from experience.

La Roo said...

Luv- I think we gave the people something to think about.
No,they didn't cover their eyes, but it was a look up and down and up again thing. Too funny.

Bob- This was the best trip we've ever been on!
Yeah, we're seriously thinking about it. It will give you more time to plan. :)

13- Thanks for coming to my blog. It makes me smile when you comment. :) You definitely need to go there sometime. You'd love it.

annalise-Thanks girlfriend. Good advice too! I'm already feeling a bit better today.

C said...

what beautiful pictures of you two. your hair is so pretty and your dresses too. classy, just classy.

it would be wonderful to sit on the beach. i need a vay-cay SO bad but it will be a long time coming.

you are very blessed.

yeah i agree that you prolly got sun poisoning. take some extra vitamin C... as like me, C.



Bigger said...

It would catch me by surprise if a naked women on the beach said Hi. But I would stop and talk. If wife would let me.

momentextase said...

Whoo hoo La Roo!

To paraphrase Dorothy in 'The Wizard of Oz' "We're not at the Marriot anymore are we todo?"

That analogy you made with the Marriot, or any "normal" hotel is so perfect La Roo!

Poor you, now saddled with trying to describe something to people that is almost indescribable unless they have experienced it too!

I am so happy you both had such a great time ( I knew you would, and also knew that any worries you had would disolve as soon as you met your first new friends! ... that took no time ...right??)

It is hard to describe the acceptance and openess, and yeah... it is off the charts sexy there! But all that makes even the more mundane things fun in ways it is hard to describe. Something about letting go of masks -that generates an equality that makes things fun in ways that are hard to imagine... I think anyway.

LOL! Yeah, that "straight ahead" look and the "I hope these naked weirdos don't say anything to us" vibe of unsuspecting people walking on the beach! That happens from Jamaica to Mexico! And the truth is that one or the other of such a couple -or both - are secretly really interested and would like to do what you two were doing themselves...but they can't talk about those things amongst themselves or admit it to themselves.

So yeah, it is so cool to be on the beach at Desire, but what is really cool is that you two can communicate well enough to actually make it real! Welcome to the club. Wink! :)

PS: Soft swinging and spanking in the playroom?? Naughty, Naughty, Naughty! Can't claim to be a noobie anymore I'm afraid!

La Roo said...

C-Thanks for your sweetness. Yes, you do need a vay cay. I hope you wil be able to go sometime soon.

Bigger- This naked girl would love to talk to you. :)

Momentaxtase-It is hard to describe and I really didnt get the full jist even reading what others had to say about it. Kind of cool to know somebody like yourself that gets what it's like.
We met so many lovely people, everyone is so easy going and fun loving. We met some people that you could tell by their stories had crazy money. They lived all over the world and yet they chose to go there. When we asked if they'd been to other places like this, they replied there really is no other place. I guess that Hedo used to be and from what I hear is not worth it. Not that Desire is bad, but it isn't the high caliber they could afford.
Okay, you brought up soft swinging. Now I wasn't sure if that was a soft swap or what it is called. Not fully sure of the definitions. I no it really doesn't matter, but interesting to know more about .
Yes, I do like being naughty.

Bob said...

You like being naughty? On the good ship SP passengers caught being naughty with anyone but the skipper suffer the stern discipline of the captain. And I'm just not talking about a short walk on the plank and into the drink, girl. Shiver me timbers! Ar ar, arrrrrrrrrr!


momentextase said...

Yes La Roo, the people are totally great! And as you have discovered, they come from all walks of life and there are all types of people. At the Marriot or Hilton its about how much money you have, at Desire its about how fun, open and honest you are.

Hedo has a mixed personality, its "vibe" depends on the time of the year I think. I avoid the school breaks and holidays... off season is best, at least in Jamaica. It can tend to attract people who are trying to fix their relationships... which does not work and leads to drama.

On the other hand, Hedo at Nigril attracts a lot of Europeans and expecially Brits on their numerious bank holidays.... which is cool! Spring Break bad, British bank holidays good!

Desire is great though, it is not as well known to the general public as others like Hedo, but it is a veteran's favorite.

Soft swinging is when you two are keeping the more intense stuff between yourselves, but it can include sex just between yourselves while in a group of other people and it can include some light touching etc., with other people..or not!

Soft swapping is when a couple allows non exclusive erotic touching -and maybe ever oral -with other people, but keep the wild thing ( or oral too ) between just themselves.

Full swap and swinging is when each person in the couple has full on sex with people other than their partner.

Basically the terminology is not that big a deal, it is all about what limits you two, and anyone you play with... agree on. No means no!

Julie who runs The Swingers Board (she is totally cool) has just written a book, "The Swinger Manual." It is probably the best thing written so far on the subject and is a must read for anyone interested in any level of this kind of thing.

It's great for people who are just curious and just want to know more -and it is also great for people who have experience. Actually it is is a compendium of the experiences and advise (especially situational advise) from a large range of experienced of people in the lifestyle.

It's the best resource I have ever seen to get a grip on what all the terminology means, of course there are as many definitions as there are people in the lifestyle.

The Swingers Board itself is a great resourse for swinging ( and poly) info, great people on there. has a great forum that is also a really good resource for the poly inclined.

Our society has put limits on sexuality that precludes exploring any of the more social aspects of sexual expression. But as you have discovered La Roo, you don't have to go full swap to have fun and learn a lot in a place those limits are removed! And most swingers or poly people respect any couples or person's individial pace or level of participation!

I don't think this sort of thing is for everybody, but for some people it can be way fun and very enriching.