Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If the shoe fits.

I'm such a girl. I'm shopping for clothes for our trip to a nude resort. Yes, I got some sexy stuff for night time fun also. I tried one little ensemble on last night to make sure things were fitting right and it got ripped off and I was tackled. I guess he liked it. I even bought a teenie weenie bikini. (parts of the beach are public)

Shoes are an issue. Obviously, I can't walk in high heels. But I can sit in them. Of course I want the high high stripper pumps but since my big toes have been fused I can't get my foot to bend the right way to be up that high. (like tip toeing) There's a certain criteria. They have to be easy to slip off, so I can stand up to walk. They can't have to spikey of a heel that will go through my foot plate of my wheelchair while sitting. They have to be black (to go with just about everything). This doesn't look like I'm going to find what I want before leaving. I'm just going to suck it up and wear the so-so shoes I've had for years. There are worse things in life than not finding the right shoes to sit in.


Crash said...

"I'm shopping for clothes for our trip to a nude resort" - that's brilliant!!! - and I am turning it into a 'T' shirt logo as we speak ...

Yay you!

Bob said...

How about a couple of sets of tassles to compliment your buck naked wardrobe? They'd definitely be a conversation piece. I think, even at a clothing optional resort, when there will be times when you'll need to "get decent". Good move in finding all the right stuff for any occasion. What's hubby buying to wear? Will there be before and after photos here? I want a fashion show posted on Are You My Life? before you leave. PLEASE???!!!!

Gray said...

*laughs* Crash's remark made me laugh.

I hope you guys have a wonderful trip. Shoes or no shoes you are damn sexy!


annalise said...

k, for the stripper heel moment... open toes? do they have a fredrick's of hollywood store where u live? and maybe metallic, gold or bronze? u could even wear them while nakie ^_^ i have, bet u have too. black is soooo severe, oooh, but the straps could cut in alittle... ;) to be honest, stripper heels r wicked strict to walk around in, but they're great for other things ^_^

yes, clothes for the nudie resort, very provocative lol ^_^

L0nestar5 said...

How about some dainty sandal-like items? Could still be pretty sexy.
Did some quick sleuthing.

Maybe like: http://www.gojane.com/43399-shoes-metallic-beaded-t-strap-sandal.html

Or maybe something from here:

Hope you find something that will work.
Barefoot is sexy....and you ARE hot, so I wouldn't be too worried.

Mr M

annalise said...

indeed some sexy shoes mr. m ^_^ check 'em out la roo

momentextase said...

I'm with LOnestar5, bare feet are hot, hot, hot.

I definately understand the appeal of the Betty Page or Jane Janesko inspired look... but I think it is now over represented.

Think Matisse, from his Tahiti days.

Maybe some toe rings or anklets.

Often less is more.

Ask yourself who you are and whats your "look" -in a tropical environment.

You'll have a blast!

Bigger said...

I have never cared to much for feet or shoes. I say just wear socks the high socks with the colored stripe at the top.they always make me laugh when I see them on a chick that is naked

L0nestar5 said...

Good call....anklet or toe rings.
Very tropical.
Don't forget the venerable belly chain.

annalise said...

r u ok?

Bob said...

Laroo's in Mexico. She's just fine and basking in the sun buck nekked.

annalise said...

tnx bob ^_^ i can't keep track of time in my own life let alone someone else's life.

Bob said...

Okay, Laroo...rise and shine, girl. We want news. We want information. Photos? You bet!